Lions fire several coaches

Big time staff changes? Lol, ok. This is like a fart in the wind, the stink still remains.

What about waterboy?

Golden was one of the few guys that remained from Caldwell’s staff. JC seemed to have the approach of hiring as many ex head coaches as possible. I can’t comment on his ability to really get into the tactics of LB play.

Bonamego was a crap hiring from the start. I don’t remember thinking much of him in his first go-round as ST coach. I don’t think this is much of a loss.

The strength and conditioning coach is just a fall guy to bolster the whole injury excuse that the current regime is fronting.

The fact that PP hasn’t been drawn and quartered just shows that he was running Patricia’s defense. And tons o’ fun is convinced that this is just an “execution” problem rather than a crap scheme problem. Hence the DB coach getting axed. As @wesleysh21 said, if the backs would just cover their guys perfectly for 15 seconds, the defense would work.

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OK - I get the strength and conditioning coaches, LB coach and TE coach those were all areas that were obvious. ST’s actually did much better second half of year and you never know what you might get in return. DB coach is a surprise - I actually would have expected DL coach before DB. Also not sold on o-line play so I am surprised there was not a cut there. And of course if MP is the problem non of this matters.

Firing everyone says all their decision inn past was wrong . Pasqloni still hAve a job like Quinn and Patricia

My thoughts on John Bonamego were summed up nicely here:

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Here is a twisted vision for 2020: Quinn mortgages the future in FA and the draft and with a relatively healthy roster the Lions manage 8-8 and flirt with a WC spot. Then ownership extends this regime by 2 years.

His contract expires next week. Why fire a guy who can “retire” in a week?


I had no idea. You have a link? I can’t find his contract deals anywhere.

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I’m not surprised. The only people fired were likely those coaches who challenged MP in some way. MP wants puppets.

At least the SandC coach was fired. That’s a positive

I got the information from another forum I belong too. Chris from Detroit Lions Podcast. Very credible.

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Special teams were a disaster for the first 10 games or so, so I’m not surprised. DB coach surprises me.

Nice nugget, QB.

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Lions News next week.

Lions sign PP to huge contract extension making him the highest paid DC in the NFL.


Yet we still have PP. Maybe MP keeps him to blame him if we suck again.

As predicted. Like a midget pissing on a forest fire. This POS owner and franchise addressed absolutely nothing again. Apparently they are happy with 3 wins and the worst defense on the planet.

Dumbfounded…PP REALLY?..Austin did more with less…Bring back Gunther, er, ah,…Hmmmm can’t do that…Gotta believe there are more potential Defensive Coordinator’s available than Offensive Coordinators…Off Coord often become Head Coaches, Def Coord not so much…

However, there is something called LOYALTY…Kudos to PAtricia in that respect. However, at the expense of the team, it is highly questionable, even with all the injuries REAL or IMAGINED on the Defense…WDIK

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Patricia could both show loyalty and make a change by simply reassigning Pasqualoni to some role like AHC. It’s a meaningless role anyway.


I think Patricia will bet on himself as the defacto defensive coordinator and Pasqualoni will keep the title in name only.

Patricia did take away the playcalling from PP the last few games and did it himself. The best defensive game of the year was the final one against Green Bay. Patricia called that game.

It kinda does make sense considering he’s been a DC for several Super Bowl winning teams. I thought it was odd he didn’t do it from the beginning. You can always promote a DC once you have the defense dialed in and successful for several years.

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