Lions Free Agency Plans?

Free Agency starts March 18th and the tampering period starts Monday March 16th. It may be pushed back OR maybe they encourage electronic communication? As I have already stated I see this as the biggest Lions free agency period in many years. Maybe since 2011. The Lions have some cap space but moves will be tough. There are still guys to be brought back. I thought a top ten or so moves for the Lions right about now would be smart and fun. I am a teacher in Williamson County, TN and we have had school cancelled all week so this helps fill the time!

There was a thread about your top two free agents and but I start with the Lions re-signing a few guys of our own so I start there. I have to say that at this point I believe Slay will be traded. If I am wrong that changes my plan drastically. I get NOT trading him so far seems like a red flag but I believe the Lions need Slay gone OR Slay buying in…and I don’t think Slay wants to buy in. I also believe Slay is finding out his market is not what he thought is was and that is complicating signing with another team.

  1. Re-sign safety Tavon Wilson. He has been a solid player here and we are better with him than without him. Should be be expensive at all.

  2. I commit to back up QB Jeff Driskel and I bring back David Blough as the 3rd string QB. Jeff is 27 in April and David is 24 in July. I thought Jeff flashed potential when he was out there, he would be VERY affordable and he brings wheels with him. We likely cut David and PS him as the #3 guy again.

  3. I make sure RB Bo Scarbrough is under contract. I am not sure of his status but we should be able to sign him on the cheap if necessary.

  4. I re-sign DT Mike Daniels. Between Mike and Hand we can have that position roughly locked down and these guys should finally each be healthy in 2020. If not Mike…this position will cost BIG bucks to fill.

  5. I think the Lions re-sign J.D. McKissic. He was a great addition last season and he slots in at the #3 RB.

  6. Re-sign WR Marvin Hall too. He played his role really ell in 2019 and he is affordable as I think he is a RFA? Regardless he is affordable and he catches the ball well.

I think the Lions swing for the fences in a BIG way in 2020 and I think they win their targets in 2020.

  1. Sign DT D.J Reader. 26 in July, a steady run defender and Harrison’s replacement. Second target is Vernon Butler if necessary and there are other options out there too. Reader should be target #1 and that is a HUGE steop upo from Harrison in 2019.

  2. OLBer Dante Fowler. 26 in August, we get our Anthony Barr. A true weakside guy who can rush and improve our LBer crew. Fowler has a red flag past but has kept his nose clean for many seasons now. To me our LBer crew isn’t good enough. Kennard has been solid in his role but Jarrad Davis in still an unknown two years later which is a concern. Tavai showed in flashed and has potential. Fowler is a moveable piece who gives us a real weak side LBer who can also rush the QB and who has experience in a 3/4.

  3. I think the Lions go all in on CB Kendall Fuller. Kendall is an experienced guy who played well in the slot and outside last season. Fuller replaces Slay.

  4. I believe the Lions do end up going all in on guard Joe Thuney. And I think we land him.

  5. In a shocker the Lions land a running back too. I believe the Lions go after and land Kenyan Drake. And I don’t think the deal is an expensive as people think. I was going Melvin Gordon here but I changed my mind as I do believe the Lions were interested in 2019. Drake is younger too and his upside may be higher.

  6. I think the Lions also land CB Chris Harris. I think we like him, I think his deal is not crazy and I think we are loading up on corners in 2020.

That sure looks like an unaffordable pile of crap but Reader and Chris Harris roughly replace Harrison and Slay. The real $ goes to Thuney, Fowler, Melvin Gordon and Kendall Fuller.

All in this is 12 moves. I am not so much interested in people telling me my plan sucks but in maybe outlining their own plan. We are in the cusp of free agency starting. The Lions have to win in 2020. I think these moves make this club better. RB will finally have enough talent to have the depth we need. At CB we would have Fuller (replacing no one), Harris (replacing Slay), Justin Coleman, Jamal Agnew and Amani Oruwariye. I think the Lions trade down slightly and take CB Jeff Okudah. You just cannot have enough great CBs. Fuller and Okudah are the future and we also have Oruwariye. Two solid young players on rookie contracts. We would have plenty of options there.

Concerning the DL we have Flowers, Okwara, Reader (or Butler), Hand, Daniels, John Atkins and Austin Bryant. I smell another rookie there. I replaced Harrison but I did not replace Robinson. On reflection I just don’t think Robinson was what we needed here in this defense. So we move on.

Edit…I added Kenyon Drae V. Melvin Gordon. I see RB as a three-headed monster with Drake leading the way. Bo would not dress most games if Johnson and Drake are healthy.

Thoughts in your plans as the free agency date draws near?

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I think we sign one starter and the rest will be depth.

I also think we trade slay, and get a 2nd and 5th for him.

Then we finish 3rd and miss out on Lawrence and Fields.

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“The Lions have a need at safety, too, and have told the agent for at least one pending free agent they don’t expect to bring Wilson back.”

WR Marvin Hall is already under contract for 2020.

Free, thanks for the reply. I am bringing back Tavon Wilson and we have Will Harris as well as Tracy Walker. Miles Killibrew is a free agent and if we want him back that will be inexpensive. We also have a couple young guys there too.

Concerning Marvin Hall there has been confusion about his status. If he is signed then cool. If not lock him down with a cheap deal.

Help at safety would be nice but who and how? I see the draft helping there. But that will be another development player more than likely and I am okay with that.

This team needs to get better on the DL and I am adding Reader to be a better Harrison (2019 Harrison). I am also adding Fowler as a true weakside LBer who can rush standing up or with his hand in the dirt as well as play that role. We went hard after Barr in 2019 so I think the team sees a need there. Fowler helps as an edge player too.

I lock down a true ROG and I lock down the RB position group. I feel least good about adding Gordon as there are a number of teams who need RB help…like the Texans, Bills, Colts and so on so getting this guy might not be in the cards. But I like his hands and ability to score. We need that.

I may very change my mind about adding Gordon but for now I can see the Lions looking like they are finally sick of messing around at RB. I can also see the Lions looking closely at Kenyan Drake. Drake might be a better option than Gordon and I like both guys. Time will tell!

He is:

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Love the work as usual but I think you’re a little too optimistic about our outside FA signings. I expect the competition for those signatures to be fierce, and while we technically have the money to afford them - depending on how their contracts are structured - we’re actually in the bottom half of the league when it comes to cap space. A lot of teams have a lot more money than us. I figure we’ll sign one or two FAs at the level of the ones you have listed, and the rest from lower tiers. Not to say I wouldn’t go for it, I’m just going by precedent. That’s the way it ususally goes.

I think you are right about competition That’s. It will be intense.

Of the players I listed Reader, Fuller and Drake are going to have solid markets. Luckily the free agent DT class is deep as hell as we all know. If not Reader there are plenty of other guys in the mix.

Fuller will get paid. It will take $ to get that deal done but this scheme requires good CBs so make a pitch so if we get lucky.

Drake will have offers too but many not a crazy market.

Chris Harris will not have a crazy market.

Thuney will also be in demand and Fowler will be wanted. Dante will be looking for the right scheme fit so yep, this is very ambitious.

We just released Wagner so a plan is in place. This is about to become very interesting.


So if I was gm I would sign

Sign Chris Harris 2 year deal, maybe 3 depends on the price

Sign Suh one year deal. Not who I want, but he will be cheaper then some others.

Billings 3 year deal

Beasley 2 year deal maybe 3 again on the price

Jordan Howard 1 year deal

Peat 2 year to play guard

Sign a vet for depth for wr.


I like it but unless those contracts are back loaded we cant afford all of those free agents. The contacts will be bigger than last year (like every year) plus a lot of teams are flush with cash. Players anticipating even larger future growth of the cap with the new CBA may make them greedy.

Your plan sucks. Sorry, I had to say it.

Not really but I had to.

My plan: 4 of these five and a reserve

  1. DJ Reader is the man in the middle. I think Mike Daniels would have to sign an incentive laden contract, if I brought him back. I was no more disappointed than any person was in the play or lack of play from A’Shawn, Daniels and Snacks. 10 m

  2. Corey Littleton, no learning curve. 10 m. Veteran presence, allows Davis to move to outside and upgrades coverage. No brainer.

  3. safety, preferably Minnesota’s guy (Anthony Harris) to weaken an opponent. 8m

  4. Joe Thuney NE guy, used to the system and Patricia. 8 m

  5. Arik Armistead DE 10 m

One reserve and it is this guy. Cameron Brate TE, I think he is still available. 5 m

I know we cannot afford them all but each of these knocks out a hole. You fill enough holes and have a successful draft, well, that is good enough to upgrade 6 or seven spots. Damnable Lions cut Wagner and now I have to rework my plans somewhat.

Geez …
lions sign max 2 high priced guys in FA
balance = fill Ins

Halapoulivaati Vaitai OT
Vernon Butler DT
Trae Waynes CB
Kyler Fackrell OLB
Joe Thuney OG
Emmanuel Ogbah DE

Only OG would be real high priced FA signing rest are young an solid players. We can draft later a RB an WR
The OT can play both ROT an LOT an let him an Crosby battle for starting spot.

The CB works even if Slay leaves or stays.
I still would rather have GG an he would be cheaper than Thuney.

These are football players not the high priced name types.

Some will hit FA because there teams need money for other positions .


CB Chris Harris jr
FS Anthony Harris
DT Vernon Butler
DT Danny Shelton
G Eric Flowers
OT Cordy Glenn
WR Cory Coleman

I think it’s screaming need is reserve quarterback. I hate to say it but neither of those two guys looks like anything but XFL level dudes seriously and for sure even if I’m exaggerating they are not starting caliber NFL quarterbacks and certainly not ones to run a team with a win-now mandate. So no way in hell do they exit the offseason without somebody that can step in to Matt’s shoes and win games and those two guys showed they were not it

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This is much more realistic than most of the pie-in-the-sky suggestions on here. I especially like Ogbah, I think he’s a perfect fit for for us. He’s an athletic freak. I also really like Vaitai too. Good mid-level signings.

Good point, and for some reason when I’m doing drafts and FAs I overlook the back up QB need. And your right it’s right up there in proritys.

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I think there will be a quality one available after we see the shake out from draft an FA not everyone will sign as a starter an those that do will likely mean a release of a better Backup than we have.

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It’s not in MP’s interest to get a decent backup because if Stafford goes down again it’s his only hope of crying injury to protect his job.


If Michigan goes with martial law - we are done!

I was wondering if Lions were going to pursue Brandon Scherff or not. Low and behold, Redskins slap Franchise Tag on him today.

Well there goes another G.