Lions had pre-draft meeting with North Carolina State DT Larrell Murchison

Smaller than I expected.

There’s your wtf 2nd Rd pic. Lols

Kinda small for a DT.

Honestly if you coached him at the senior bowl then you should have a fairly good feel for him. Why the need to show your hand and do a video conference?

Smokescreen maybe?.. Naw BQ isn’t that smart.

I think that’s up in the air a bit (pun intended, lol). If I remember correctly, they were really interested in Ragnow and had little to no contact with him so they didn’t tip their hand. Seems to me he can be sneaky when the need arises

Late round or undrafted FA target?

He was sneaky with the Teez pick. He was real sneaky with the Tavai (sp?) pick. This one is too in the open. Find a not so well known name that is projected to go 3rd-4th round who name starts with a T and there’s your sneaky wtf pick

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Too small for DT. Quinn passed on Ed Oliver but is going to take this guy???

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Don’t understand the logic either unless the addition of DC Cory Undlin has changed the profile of what they’re looking for.