Lions have a total of 8 first round picks on the roster

Can you name them and the positions they play?

I thought this exercise may help us to determine what position the Lions could draft in round one.

Decker LT
Davis Runner, misser
Stafford QB
Ragnow C
Trufant CB
Shelton DT

Got me


Not Flowers. I’m struggling on 8.

It just came to me. There are a couple guys that will know that one easier than most.

QB - Stafford
TE - Hockenson
OG - Josh Garnett
OT - Decker
OC - Ragnow
DT - Shelton
LB- Davis
CB - Trufant

3 OL and a TE
1 DL

I’d say DL or trenches in general are a strong possibility.

I have to wonder if BQ will go RT in round one or two.

I think Brown or Kinlaw just might be our top target. I highly expect us to take a DT in the first 3 rounds.

I got 6 out the 8 off the top of my head. Stafford, Decker, Davis, Ragnow, Hockenson, and Trufant.

I seen this question posted on twitter earlier and I couldn’t answer all 8 so here is the stolen answer by a random tweet. Let me know if it’s wrong:

Josh Garnett (who is this?)

OG—former 1st Rd pick of the 49ers

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Garnett’s the almost impossible one. I completely forgot we picked him up. Maybe he’ll be our Laken Tomlinson…

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I think that most Lions fans fail to remember we have him. While I feel we could go OG at some point I think it’s also possible we do not.

We are due for that kind of luck.

Maybe the mean SOB Patricia whips his pansy ass into shape. Haaaaa

Edit: here is his draft profile

The title of the thread seems more impressive than the list.