Lions have been fairly healthy

I hear people using injuries as an excuse. Following the NFL it makes no sense to me, why fans are using this as an excuse? The Lions have really not had many injuries, and have been one of the healthier teams. I found the data to back this up. Stop using this as an excuse.



Other than our starters and our backups, we’ve been perfectly healthy this year :joy:

We have not been a MASH unit this year like I’ve seen in the past from this team, that’s for sure. But we’ve definitely had injuries. But as I said in earlier posts, other than the Stafford injury I can’t use it as an excuse for losing. We lack top end talent on the team on purpose because we supposedly value depth so much. Well, where’s the depth?

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Would be interesting to partition out O vs D, as I expect the latter would be over represented.

The main issue isn’t health, it’s that Quinn’s free agents have been a huge disappointment, to go along with another draft that not only lacks difference makers, but lacks production overall.

34 draft picks under Quinn and a good team with a good GM would probably only want to keep 2-4 total players out of the 34 (Golladay, Ragnow, Walker?) I don’t think many GMs would give extensions to guys like Davis or Decker, but that’s just my opinion.

Not making excuses but the Stafford injury supersedes all others. If matt was healthy we could have maybe 3 more wins right now. It’s not enough to get us into the playoffs but I feel like when he went down the whole team saw the writing on the wall. I understand that you have to be professional but eventually losing takes too much of a toll.

Who’s fault is it that the Lions can’t compete with their revolving door of QBs? Lions have had 11 QBs on the roster this year, and then Quinn tried to go back to the Josh Johnson well and got blocked by the XFL. This organization is at a low point we haven’t seen since 0-16.


With how bad this defense has been I only think we win 2 of the 5 games he’s been out and the Washington game is the only one I’d guarantee.