Lions have No 7th Round Pick

I fully expect us to pick up an extra 7th rounder on one of our trades this year (Quinn has got one in almost every draft). If we don’t, I kind of like that the Lions can work the phone lines and start lining up their UDFA’s and let them know they are essentially our 7th rounder.

We pick #235, we have a 7th round pick.

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Quinn will use his 7th rounder to draft Shea Patterson. That way he can sell the fan base that he addressed the QB position. Lol

Uh, yeah. We do have the 21st pick of the seventh round, #235.

Haha, nevermind then!

We need a punter, so there goes our fourth round pick, a new long snapper and there goes our sixth round pick, so that seventh rounder will be important to secure a real difference maker.