Lions Injuries

I got slack a few days ago for calling the Lions player’s “soft-bodies.”

Panthers vs Packers today…barely anyone was getting hurt, and they were playing in a blizzard!

Lions lose 5 players… just today!

So you are basing it off one game? What about all the other games played today? I also think it wasnt calling them soft bodies as much as MK having a head injury and the first thing you do is make fun of him.

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As well as 2 of those injuries were concussions and 2 other players got hurt and came back on to play. The 5th on got hurt late in the 4th quarter as well.

I didn’t make fun of him. I questioned the injury. Little information about it. I guess I just don’t easily believe everything without having some more facts is all.

As I watch this Minny game, I see their offensive lineman taking the exact same posture that Hock did last week. Minny guy goes to the tent for a concussion checkup while Detroit formulates a “winded” story for Hock. And, of course, they avoid putting him on the injury report and trot him out there this week.

I do wonder about our strength and conditioning program. Our strength and conditioning coach came from NE and was fired because I BB felt they had too many injuries. The field of sports medicine has come a long way. The advancements in technology alone is crazy. I think we need to clean that house and bring in some younger, fresher ideas.


I think Martha needs to sell the team.
To someone in St. Louis or San Diego or Oakland.
Fans deserve to be free of this bullshit! Most of us who remain, won’t quit until they’re gone.

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Martha has to do the job her husband didn’t OR her family who may take over for her and make SURE they install the right Leadership all through the front office from the get ! They want to rebuild after fine, but more of the same will never work and The Lions will never see a bowl.

Ok, so you question the validity of the injuries. Got it.

Aside from that, what’s the point of this thread?

I think this question is for the OP…davey.

The point is, what is up with all the Lions injuries? Aren’t injuries in football a topic of discussion?

Some of make me wonder. The amani injury i didnt hear anything about.

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