Lions interested in DE Everson Griffin? Let’s hope it’s more than just interest


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Rumor has it? #Lions have interest in DE Everson Griffen #Detroit #NFL

Yet another move I wouldn’t mind. 1-2 yr deal on the cheap with incentive $$ to increase value from a player’s side of it.
Add him and Daniel’s (again on the right deals) and I feel much better about the DL, or at least the potential of it.


Sign this guy just to keep him re-signing with Minnesota! He has kicked our ass game in and game out.


Here are Everson’s sack totals V. the Lions the past couple seasons:
2019…2 in 2 games.
2018…2.5 in 2 games.
2017…3 in 2 games.
2016…1 in 2 games.

I stopped there as 2016 is Bob Quinn’s first season here meaning that is what he saw against us.

Yea, I am buying we are interested in Griffin on a one year deal rotating with Okawara and Flowers. I would be happy with that. Add in Mike Daniels and those two moves would be affordable as we got the cash and possibly very effective on bolstering our DL if Daniels is healthy and if Griffin wants to play against the Vikes for 2 games.

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Perhaps, this is a sign that talks with Markus Golden have tallied off.

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Please I’ve wanted this guy since he was cut.

Maybe we could bring back Ansah while were at it.

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C’mon man… you’re bringing me down…

Would you? On a flyer? Definitely not worth big money.

Here is the thing with guys like Ziggy and Daniels. “When healthy,” they could be impact players for us. But when you cut down to 53 and let’s face it brittle guys like that are highly unlikely to be doing much for you beyond a few games. More than likely they are going to get hurt in camp. Then you keep them anyway with the hope of that pass rush when you do get them back. Then they play a game and a half and get hurt again and so you end up having to dump a guy or two that maybe aren’t Ziggy and Daniels in their prime and 100% healthy. But are AVAILABLE. So even if you get them cheap and on incentive laden contracts, you are still sending someone down the road to keep them and then in the middle of the season when those guys are on IR and you have to go get someone to actually play football for you, the market is much thinner than it is at the beginning of the season.

I’d much rather go after guys like Griffin, Golden or shoot the wad for Clowney than to go with Ziggy even on the cheap. At DT, Dareus is a 330lb NT and we’ve got a couple of those guys already with Shelton and the Italian Stallion we just drafted. I’d be looking hard at a trade for a DT with a team that perhaps has an embarrassment of riches and an expensive vet. A good target maybe Kawaan Short w Carolina who just drafted Derrick Brown. Short got hurt last year and only played in 2 games. 14 the year prior. But prior to that, didn’t miss a game in his first 5 years.



I know one thing’s for sure. If we don’t even attempt to address the lack of pass rush, it won’t magically get better by luck. You have to take a flyer or 2 on guys who you know can get it done when healthy. Or are we going to sit on a a boat load of cash again and watch our team get gutted again?


I hope they are after Griffin, I started a thread the moment he was released that the Lions should be after him, but this rumors site seems completely bogus.

Yeah. I think Griffin, Flowers, J. Okwara, Hand, Collins at times and maybe Daniels should lead to a much improved pass rush

It may be, but hope springs eternal.

Collins, Williams, J.Okwara and Cornell were four players brought in specifically to improve the pass rush. So the “if we don’t even attempt” mantra is a false narrative. Do I think we should do more? Absolutely. Will we? I believe we will, but we may have to wait until after the cut down for that move to get made. When a stud pass rushing DT or DE shakes loose as teams try to maneuver under the cap, it becomes a very brief opportunity to race and get that guy signed.

When you are sitting on some of the most cash as we are, it positions us to be the team to be able to offer the most money. I think teams are feeling out the Clowneys/Goldens/Griffins now to see who is worth what. If cut down happens and no stud DE shakes loose, then you go throw the money at one of those guys. You trade a 2021 pick for a Kawaan Short or Jonathon Allen.

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You just names a solid player, and a bunch of nothing. Just naming names doesn’t fix the problem.

Our pass rush sucked ass. Just replacing bodies with bodies doesn’t fix it. Yes, we will have a full roster of football players in the fall, cool. Doesn’t mean they are good, or an improvement. Okwara? LOL. Good luck with that this year.

So stick to that. Don’t say “not even ATTEMPT.” When they draft two players and bring in two FA’s that WILL make the team and one a key starter. If you want to question what J.Okwara will mean to our pass rush, that’s fine. Don’t say drafting a pass rusher in the third round, who is largely regarded as a late first early second round player if not for the leg (and he’ll be ready for camp), is not an “attempt” to improve the pass rush. It certainly is. Have you watched tape on Cornell? I think he may be another Hand type find.

I (hope) that they will move Collins to WILL as his main spot, while letting J.Okwara man SAM/JACK. Collins will be a much better pass rusher than is C.Jones. Then if Okwara replaces Kennard, we’ll see, he’s a rookie, but he’s a MUCH more explosive player than Kennard is, and much more athletic. Will he have as much sand against the run? No. But that isn’t the topic of this conversation now is it. We’ll see, but I’d bet another pass rusher will be here with the intention of meaningful snaps come September.


Adding Griffin and Daniels on the cheap would be nice… Neither guaranteed to make the roster. Maybe they’ll be post PS signees somewhere.

You said it when healthy yet you bash the Lions D last season an i can list the starters who played next to zero an did nothing an even one starting Tackle sucked an is gone. This quote is your words not mine an you still bash last years but lets spend money on IF THEY ARE HEALTHY an one was on roster last year an did very very little cus of health.

You seem to have double standard to attack Lions When Healthy Snacks sucked in his play Daniels hardly played Hand hardly played all starters Are rush DE Flowers finally got healthy last half of season .
But now your fix is throw more Cap space at IF THEY ARE HEALTHY Ok we get it!

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That would be a big boost.
I can see this defense going top 20.
I can also see it going bottom 5.