Lions interview Herbert


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“Quarterbacks. Multiple quarterbacks.” @Rapsheet and @MikeGarafolo on the @Lions interviewing QB prospects

Hey Bob, I thought Stafford is our QB. Must be smoke screens? I just don’t get why you would smokescreen after making a big stink about Stafford is our QB. Both BQ and MP said that.

Teams would have to be stupid to think we are going QB after those statements that BQ and MP made. Right?

Or trying to get info on teams that want to trade up?

This would be my dark horse pick for the Lions. Especially in a trade down. He had a great senior bowl. I was listening to former Bengals WR TJ houshmandzadeh and he was saying that in all his years, he has never seen someone throw the ball like Herbert.

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When you trade down with Miami to #5, there is no better way to pick up even more ammo than to make the Chargers trade up with you to move up one spot. I sure hope Bob Quinn is smart enough to create that kind of smokescreen. I am also very prepared just to get no picks and draft Okudah at #3 overall (which historically is ridiculous).

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I’ll repeat what I said in the Tua thread. This is probably the Lions just doing their due diligence. It would be irresponsible for them to not explore all avenues.


He’d be an awesome pick If he didn’t have to play football games.

He’s my #1 QB in this draft

due diligence. You get a feel for a player if down the road you face him, or if you pick him up in FA.

I have Herbert as my #2 QB behind Burrows…

He’s the QB I wouldn’t hate at 3 even tho I don’t want a QB at all in rds 1-3…


Yep if we were to take a QB would prefer him over Tua. I wasn’t sold on Herbert early on, but watching more of him, he will be a good pro QB

How about the bizarre scenario?

Lions trade down with Miami to No. 5, pick up an extra second round pick at No. 39 overall, then take Herbert or Tua–whoever Miami doesn’t take.

I watched quite a bit of Oregon football over the last two years, mostly because of Herbert. I am biased when comparing him to Tua because I dislike Bama. But watch the two throw and tell who can make more NFL throws

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Interviewing the top QB’s is always a good idea. You can learn a lot about them. How they process film, how they react to certain situations and pressures. You can even learn about their supporting casts and what they though of defensive players they faced.

Didn’t we also interview Murray and Haskins last year?

“Nah, Stafford is not our QB and we may replace him…we’ll see what happens.”

Is this was MP and BQ are supposed to say?

Matt Ruhle down in Carolina came out and praised Cam Newton and how he looked forward to working with him. Welp, Cam Newton got cut.

You say what your supposed to say to the public, but the information behind closed doors may be very different.

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Tell me who more consistently excelled at playing quarterback. And it’s not even close.

Good point. Rule #1 as a GM is to not show your cards. Just the fact that they have felt the need to give MS a vote of confidence is a sign they might be looking to move him in the next year or so.

If you want max value, you don’t tell the world “HEY, STAFFORD IS EXPENDABLE!” You let everyone know that he’s your guy and if they want him, they better pony up.

On the other hand, he mishandled Snacks, Slay, Diggs and every draft so far, so I probably shouldn’t give him the benefit of the doubt.