Lions linked to Gordon

Not sure how I feel about him. He would be an upgrade for what we have healthy, but not sure if he’s worth a higher draft pick for.

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I like the idea of Gordon plus kj as our 1 / 2 punch.

I don’t like the idea of overpaying an average rb, however.

A bit torn on this one myself. I wouldn’t give up more than a 4th for Gordon and i wouldn’t give him the payday he’s long for so I’d probably shy away from this if i was Quinn.

He’s only averaging 2.5 YPC. Don’t think that’s an upgrade…especially with this OL

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Sounds good on the surface, but paying him long term probably isn’t what this team needs. Now if it was pay Gordon or pay Slay, that would get me thinking a little.


The Chargers probably feel they can get a 3rd round compensatory pick for Gordan, even if it is in 2021. I’d guess they are looking for something better than a 3rd.

Would an earlier 3rd be sufficient? Doubtful.

Especially if we’re competing with another team to obtain him.

But with all that being said, I think these things are being reported only because they know Kerryon went down and not really based on any inside knowledge.

The other rumored team is the Bills…

pass on Gordon for the 2.5 Avg.


Hell, yes! If he wants to come to work. Grab him. If Zenner gets the axe, grab him, too. We might still be able to right the ship.

Not buying it.

Interesting point

Pretty sure we’ll be linked to any ‘available’ RB having our starter on IR…

Pass, I’ll take the young guys we got. Maybe 1 or 2 emerge.


I really really don’t like this idea. I keep seeing knowledgeable people on twitter pounding the table for Gordon but I have never been impressed, plus he isn’t playing well and is a FA next offseason, wants 15 million a year and will be 27 at the start of next season. Look I would love to see us go 7-2 over the final 9 and get into the playoffs but do people really think Gordon is going to be the reason we do that? I would rather go after maybe ryan kerrigan or trade slay for picks and build it all up this offseason…but as always, what do i know?


Hard pass on Gordon for me which means they will most likely sign him…lol

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Overrated, just like every RB from Wisconsin

This just doesn’t seem like a Quinn type of move. Unless I forgot, I don’t recall him making any big splash trades since he’s been the Lions GM.



Snacks was a pretty good acquisition.

This doesn’t seem like a Bob Quinn move. Gordon only has 1 year over 4 ypc and wants over 10M a year. I don’t see us trading for a guy like this.


I agree 100%. Just don’t think that’s our best option.