Lions literally lose to a team that had forgotten how to win

Gorgeously summed up by Meinke …

"Washington won just one of its first 10 games, so you’ll have to forgive Dwayne Haskins if he forgot how to, you know, win.

When Washington took the field for its victory formation on Sunday afternoon against the Detroit Lions, the rookie quarterback was off somewhere taking a selfie with a fan. That’s not a metaphor. Dwayne Haskins was literally taking a selfie with a fan in the stands as Case Keenum scrambled to find his helmet and enter the game for the final knee.

“We were looking for (Haskins),” Washington interim coach Bill Callahan said. “I think he thought the game was over.”

That, guys, is who Detroit lost to 19-16 on Sunday afternoon at FedEx Field."

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The term “inexcusable” comes to mind. This is an “any given Sunday” kind of a league, but not when it comes to teams like the Redskins. Not only did the Redskins only have 1 win, their only win came against the terrible Dolphins in a nail biter.


Having not watched the game but still confident in calling this rock bottom (again). The rest of this season will be like a small anchor on a big boat, dragging along that bottom. It’s over guys, Detroit has officially forgotten to win. I don’t see a game left where I’m thinking “Yeah, there’s our bitch”. It’s sad, frustrating and frankly embarrassing.

I think the story is a very fair description of current affairs. And agree with many points written, especially the one of NOT blowing it up after the season. Although it is hard to argue that injuries and bad calls have not affected this season. Not sure if it is on par with other teams in this department so not going to argue it, lol.

As painful as it seems to be, the party should stay put for next season.

I can’t make that call sitting right here, right now. It all depends on how the season ends. If Patricia loses the team and they go into the tank, you have to fire him.

So … do you think that after losing to the Redskins, he still “has” the team?


We’ll find out if he still has the team on Thursday. If they come out and play their asses off for a game with their pride on the line, then that’s a good sign. If they come out flat and disinterested, then we know the players are just waiting for him to be fired.

It depends on what happens next. There are coaches that still “have” their teams who have lost to some bad football teams. If we go in the tank, we need to move on. And if we go on a winning streak and still fire Patricia, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

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I’m not mad about the skins game. We took a dive. Driskel did everything in his power to get picked off with those throws. I don’t think he could have made it any easier for the defenders.
And since when do we throw the ball twice in a row with a lead late in the game? It’s two runs up the middle for no gain, an incomplete pass on third down, punt, followed by ineffective prevent D to lose the game.

Don’t get me wrong, we still have an incompetent FO and coaching staff. I just think they had no intention of winning yesterday.

The only thing that would disappoint me is if next offseason, Quinn fails to put a talented product on the field again.
Still standing by my “not good enough” status, although I understand everyones arguments against that… I guess I’m just stubborn. Or, I’m waiting for the FO to prove me wrong?
Firing Patricia, or any of the staff wouldn’t hurt my feelings, nor would keeping them.
Just show me you can actually win games instead of keeping it close all the time.
That formula gets you beat at critical points of the season in my opinion.

That’s it in a nutshell. Professionals can smell a fraud, and other than rookies and vets seeking one last paycheck before checking out, no one is going to want any part of this disaster.

I think he lost the team after playing the hardass tough guy and forcing Diggs out and these latest performances are symptoms of losing the team, not the reason the team was lost.

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This thread title is epic, by the way. I’m at the end of my rope with this team, so I may not be around in future years here, but I hope y’all that do stick around remember this moment. This is worse than losing to the Jets last year, IMO, and it’s summed up so beautifully in that title.

There’s a certain irony that our 1st win after 0-16 was against the skins.

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There were rumors before he even coached his first game of players not “buying in”. Then he got asshammered by the Jets at home in his first game. Then he had them practice in a snow to prepare for like 3 straight indoor games. Then he wins 6 games in year 1. Then he ties the worst team from the previous year in the first game season 2. Then his OC makes 2 bonehead calls to cost them games (timeout and the idiotic play vs the Raiders when he took every decent player off the field). In 2 years he lost to like 5 rookie QBs. He’s a defensive guru than turned the defense from mediocre to one of the worst in the league. He is a rocket surgeon but can’t count to 7. Rushes 2 and drops 9 into coverage with the season on the line and gets gashed. Has one of his captains traded because he can’t take criticism of his terrible defensive scheme.

So, not sure why anyone would “buy in” or if Matt P ever HAD the team. Players play for their contracts, not for Matt P who is in way over his head.

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If they fire Matty Patty, they need to trade Stafford. He’s wasted enough time on this bullshit organization.
We will be in rebuilding mode, yet again.
Trade Matt. Keep Driskel, for the Stafford haters, and build a team from the trenches up around the new HC…
You guys know the drill.

I’m fine trading him if we can find someone who wants a 12 year veteran QB who totally accepts defeat and who has more back injuries than signature wins.

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