Lions on pace to have their worst defensive season EVER. Yes, worse than 2008

There isn’t really a comparison 2008.
First of all, we’re 12th in Points Per Game right now. (offensive scoring)
The defense does suck in giving up 27 points per game. No denying that.
But that defense in 2008 was giving up over 32 per game.
We stink, no doubt. But, it’s not really at historical levels (if that’s any consolation).

You do wish we had even 2018’s middling output of 22.5 PPG on defense. The record and our outlook would be MUCH different.

Yes, those teams from 2008-2009 teams were horrendous on defense.

But this team is giving up more ypg than either of those teams, granted NFL offenses have shifted as a league overall in the last ten years with the changes in some defensive rules and such.

I highly recommend reading this entire article.

It’s very informative on what is working well and what isn’t. I think our OC is extracting every bit of performance based on the talent we have, with the exception of the running game.

Our DC/HC however are leading a ten foot tall burning pile of mouse turds. I think the talent is actually better than the scheme is allowing them to display. JD should have taken over for Christian Jones on the outside with Tavai taking over MLB. JD has no business in coverage, he needs to play downhill, but he’s to small to do that from the MLB position as OG’s engulf him and take him totally out of the equation. JRM is the one who needs to be on the field in coverage situations as he is the ONLY LB who can cover. Jones can’t, Davis can’t and and Tavai can’t. Killebrew is probably the other guy who can, but he’s more of a liability against the run than JRM is. All the guy does is make plays on the field, but then he rides the pine while we watch Christian Jones chasing RB’s 30 yards down the field after they make an uncontested catch with a mile of separation.


We are on pace to be the first nfl team in history to give up over 4800 passing AND over 2300 rushing.
Basically every week we are making BOTH the QB and rb perform at an ALL PRO LEVEL
And then fans expect Stafford and the offense to match that just to stay in a game???


The yards per game is not a good number, I’m not defending that.
It’s the points that the team is giving up that is it’s true measure. On that they are much better than 2008.

That’s fine, but I wonder why that same criteria doesn’t work with Lions fans who always want to gloat about Stafford passing yardage, even if it doesn’t come with TDs or wins? If points are the end all, be all, then why is it only for defense SUDDENLY?

Its sad how our fan base constantly moves the goalposts to justify bad play.

If we held the opposition to low yardage, but high points, we would claim that we just have to clean up a couple plays.

Now that we give up massive amounts of yardage and still a ton of points, then yardage is useless and points are not good, but not 2008 bad, so its cool.

Here’s the thing about the bullshit lies that Patricia wants his defense to get gashed. NOBODY wants to do anything but get 3 and outs. Nobody. No defensive coordinator teaches their defense to give up chunks of yardage in the hopes that one play the other team might shoot themselves in the foot. It’s just not true. Bend but don’t break is an excuse and isn’t remotely how any DC really coaches outside of the last couple minutes of a game with a 2 possession or more lead.

We need to stop with that nonsense. We give up a ton of yards because we don’t pressure the QB, fill the right gaps, play the ball or tackle fundamentally well. It’s not a scheme, it’s called being out coached and out played.


You’re arguing for the sake of arguing.
Nobody defends giving up high points defensively unless it’s the offense giving the opponent a short field.

100% of the fanbase acknowledges that points are the differentiating variable on defenses due to the varied styles.

To be fair, allowing your opponent to have long drives limits the amount of time the offense is on the field.

Sure in theory PPG allowed might be the most important stat but as the game progresses the defense will tire out more playing the ‘bend but don’t break’… This requires more quality depth at each position. Unfortunately for the Lions defense, they bend and break…lol

The bend but don’t break NE defense requires the defense to make stops in the red zone when the field gets shorter.

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Here’s a perspective for you regarding points. IF we allowed our opponents each week to score just what they average for the year (without our game figured into that stat) and we scored what we have been on average… WE ARE 7-2.
We are on the season giving up 7.9 pts per game OVER what that team averages vs everyone else.
We have given up season highs in yards or
points or both to 5 teams already. NY averages 15.9 vs everyone else and got 26 on us. This d is every bit as bad as the other year, and worse if you consider talent vs talent

**we held GB and chargers under theirs so the 7.9 is actually worse in the other 7

nah. It’s the offense fault.
That end of that GB game kicked in SOL syndrome. All the players were like, “Oh yeah. We’re on this team. Doesn’t even matter when we play good.”

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Once I saw the idea of the post, I figured he must be talking about yardage. The thing to remember about the 2008 team is they gave up a ton of points…first of all. Second of all, teams had so much success running the ball that they didn’t bother throwing it much. And third, they got up on us so quick they called off the dogs in many of our games. We honestly could have given up 600+ points that season had our offense been a little more potent.

Careful, you may be accused of defending this year’s defense. :face_vomiting: