Lions open to dealing No. 3 pick, GM Quinn says

They keep floating this out there. It makes me semi-worried. It’s akin to posting on Facebook, “Hey, I’m single. Tell your friends, would you?” And if you weren’t already familiar, this is such an obvious leak to the press …

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Funny that Gettleman (Giants) says the same thing in an interview. Wonder if he said this before or after Quinn expressed his thoughts. Bad news if they trade to a team that wants one of our big three (Okaduh, Simmons,Brown), if we trade down also.

Gettleman Speaks

I think it is more of the media knowing that in the most likely scenario the Draft begins with that #3 pick. Which means that they want to know if and with whom the Lions are talking with about possible trades.

Local media is reporting he says this same thing every year, and that what he said didn’t convince him more or less that they would trade the pick so take that for WIW.

Not sure how long this video will last on YouTube, but here is Daniel Jeremiah and Rich Eisen talking about how realistic the Lions trade down options are.

Trade it for 11 and Adams lol

Bob Q. Said the exact same thing last year. He had offers but turned them all down to take TJ.

Yeah, bro. One thing you are failing to recognize though! This year, Quinn is looking for GOOD players!


Trade it for Slay and a 3rd rounder LOL - joooooking, joking, joking.

Not exactly news. It’s been out there since at least February.

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