Lions open to trading #3 pick - No callers so far

BQ announced he’s open to trading down and hasn’t had any talks so far.

Boy can they get away with opening line and misinformation…

Have to down theee paragraphs and there it is!

Talks normally with heat up at the combine so we will see …

I honestly read this to see how off they were and yep! The writers suck with t he idea of integrity…

The NFL is deadline-driven. Things don’t usually happen until the pressure is on. Nobody wants to show their cards when they have no idea what the opening bets are. Not surprising.

Funny how the CBA seems ahead of schedule. But if there’s one thing I think the owners and players understand, it’s that the NFL is a golden calf and there’s plenty of money to go around. The last thing anyone wants who has a stake is to mess with that.

As far as moving, the chips will fall from Cincy on down. So until they have a feel for what the Bengals are going to do, then not much will happen. Then the Skins, and then finally the Lions. The top three picks are all wildcards at this point. After free agency and the combine, things will start to heat up fast.

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Like Bob Quinn is going to say anything lol. No GM who likes having a job is going to say what’s going on behind the scenes or reveal their intentions whatsoever. “Yes!! The Dolphins totally wanna trade with us, They offered us their first, third, and the rights to Ryan Tannehills wife! Being a GM is so exciting, I just want to tell you guys all about it! If there;s anything else you want to know, please call me, heres my personal number!”

I think it’s safe to say that B Quinn is pretty much open to anything right now.

I’m in my element here.
Can we draft Tabor again?


once free agency is here or over, thing around here are going to heat the hell up !

Depending on what source you read the Lions have had talks about trading 3, had no talks about trading 3, and they like Tua at 3. Don’t believe anything you here the Lions aren’t going to tell the media anything truthful.

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I’d hate for the Lions to give away their real plans, then other teams would know who to pass on.

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The only thing I can guarantee about the draft is some fans are going to put every player we pick in the HOF, and some fans are going to call for Quinn’s head. The media will parrot the teams talking points and proclaim to be experts.

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I put this on another thread but I honestly think the Lions could pull of a trade something like this.

Lions trade down to 5.

Miami gets #3 and # 67 from DET
DET gets #5, #26 and #56

Lions draft

  1. CB - Okudah
  2. LB - Kenneth Murray
  3. DT - Nevill Gallimore
  4. OG - Shane Lemieux
  5. OLB/Edge - Zack Baun
  6. WR - Omar Bayless
  7. S - Alohi Gilman
  8. OT - Ben Bartch

Would you be happy with that?

I don’t think they will have to give up #67 I know your going by chart I think minimum would be #5,26,56 of #3 an i would push for 18 i think is there other #1
I Like the CB an LB Thats why I want 18 to be sure to get the LB

  1. is #26?
  2. is #56?

list what the picks would be please.

I did in my OG post … the website is reformatting it. Very odd

When I hit edit it shows the actual numbers but when I hit save it reformats. I hit edit and the actual numbers are there.

Here try it this way.

#5 CB - Okudah

#26 LB - Kenneth Murray

#35 DT - Nevill Gallimore

#56 OG - Shane Lemieux

#109 OLB/Edge - Zack Baun

#150 WR - Omar Bayless

#173 S - Alohi Gilman

#182 OT - Ben Bartch