Lions Planning to Pick 5

No idea if this guy is legit but love the speculation. Don’t screw this up.

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I’d be okay with that. If it were true I wonder what other pick Miami would throw in.

I think there’s a fair chance that the Chargers will outbid the Phins if Miami isn’t willing to give up #5 plus one other 1st round pick. I don’t think it’ll get too crazy, but you never know …

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5 26 and 56 because it’s juuust better than 6,37 and next yr 2nd.


I would jump all over that Weasel. Would change the dynamic of the draft providing Bob doesn’t screw it up of course.

Sounds good to me, now hold that #5 pick for ransom in case someone wants to jump ahead of the Chargers or Chargers get nervous and make the move themselves.

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Armando Salguero is trolling on twitter
…He is the biggest Tua Fan Boy possibly in all of Miami and he is a Miami Sports Columnist…The same guy that reported the Lions were in talks of trading Stafford to Miami in 2018

Just 5OA for 3OA nothing more … lol

BQ accepted.

Sorry, didn’t see this existing thread.

If all they get is No. 39 overall, I’m happy with that. Nos. 56 & 70 would work too.