Lions players speak out about Patricia

I hadn’t seen this article before but it has some interesting quotes from players about MP. Some good and some bad.

We know Tate, Snacks and Diggs weren’t MP fans and we’re shipped out. This is why I think Slays days are numbered. I wonder if A’Shawn (who was in MP’s dog house) and Graham Glasgow might also be in this category?

I also think this is why we target Thuney. The only guys who seem to understand his coaching style are former NE players.

“He’s just ripping anybody apart for an hour and some change,” Valles said. “I was hoping another team picked me up, at that point. I did not want to go back to Detroit, to be real with you. I could not give two shits because I’m not in the NFL anymore. I did not like Patricia as a coach. I was praying another team would pick me up and (that) I didn’t have to go back to the practice squad.”

During an interview on “The Pat McAfee Show,” Glover Quin expressed that he does not see an end to the Lions’ losing ways due to Patricia’s abrasive style.

“Right now, they’re struggling,” Quin said. “They’re struggling, and it’s not a great situation. And it’s not a situation where like, I don’t know if they can fight out of it right now because I don’t know if the love and the like for Patricia’s style makes the players want to fight out of it.”

“I know where he (Patricia) came from, and I understand his style,” Flowers commented. “It’s kind of one of those deals … it could be considered tough love. Somebody taught me to pay attention to the message and not how it’s delivered.”

“He wants to have that personal connection,” Flowers said. “He will ask about family. He definitely cares, and he definitely shows that he cares. Yes, definitely he is the right guy to lead here.”

“He is an amazing coach,” Amendola commented. “Guys play hard for him, and we all love him. That’s how I feel about it.”


I don’t think it matters to guys like Amendola who bring tremendous work ethic to the game. Some guys need a kick in the ass, some guys need to be coddled. That’s sports. A head coach is more of a manager than a general. They need to figure out how to deal with a lot of personalities.

I personally think Patricia is a clueless clown with no track record of success other than being a part of the Belichick dynasty. However, I don’t mind if he’s a dickhead to players who under perform, dog it or keep making the same mistakes. We have a 60 year streak of being a terrible football team. I’m ok with some passion from the head coach. Problem is, we have no talent here and yelling at practice squad level players probably won’t make much of a difference.

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Valles is funny. I’ve read that one before (as I have most of them). When he or Michael Roberts are flogging the dog in practice or on the field… when they’re receiving coaching and can’t put it together, there’s going to be some heated moments. Valles is not an NFL caliber TE. He’s out of the league for a reason.

I don’t fault a coach for getting guys on the details. If you want the most damning commentary about Patricia, it’s not in the quotes above, it’s in what Gronkowski said on-air last year on a pre-game show. He implored Brady to enjoy a win for once. He said their thing was to clean up mistakes and look at what needed to be done better. It wasn’t about hanging 40 points on the #1 defense (or something like that) or celebrating what went well. That’s the environment Patricia came from. That’s fundamental to his coaching… to get everyone better and better and better. That’s what’s required of a winning franchise. Some will not like it. Without the payoff at the end of the season, it’s going to seem like a never-ending grind.


Reading your post is like a cheap headline to get people to read in slow times. Tate and Snacks were shipped out because they weren’t MP fans? LINK!!!

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I think you hit on a lot of key points.

  1. Some Lions players really needed some tough love. Especially post Caldwell who was more a players coach.

  2. I agree that MP hasn’t shown a good track record of dealing with different personalities. A good HC can control locker room voices and doesn’t need to ship them out to do so. I’ve pointed out that he keeps shipping out the A personalities and has yet to sign or draft one.

  3. The talent level of this team is declining and it doesn’t do anyone any good to yell at them for hours. I once had a coach like this. He was by far the least respected and we all just tuned him out in the film room. The players all called him coach dick. Not to his face of course… lol


Pretty sad that players don’t like him. Still not sure why he is still the coach.


Not surprised you feel that way. I think if MP see’s his players messing up he’s sure as hell going to call them out on it, I would to the way these guys have played. you can’t coddle the new guys, you have to get them up to speed as quickly as you can because you never know when we have to start them.
It’s serious business especially if we want to win more games. I for one am happy that Patricia isn’t trying to be laid back about it, his emotions shows that he cares and WANTS to win IMO…
He’s probably only actually yelling when he has to OR to trying to get the players to hear him as they run drills and practice.


You can do your own homework. These are both well established story lines if your willing to look and listen.

I broke the Tate story in the old Den weeks before he was shipped out. Before anything hit the media. There’s plenty of posters here who can confirm that. I was hearing that Tate felt there was no pleasing MP. That MP yelled at everyone about everything and there was no way to make MP happy. Tate was crying to anyone who would listen. He wanted a new contract and wanted to stay in DET but felt that MP didn’t appreciate him and his contributions. Tate unlike Diggs, Glover Quin and others has always taken the high road in the media. You can chose to believe or not but I’ve brought these exact issues to light long before any showed up in the media.

As for Snacks … read his departure letter. He thanked everyone in DET all the way down to the janitor but never mentioned MP or BQ. He stated the break up was mutual. He wanted out of DET.

You should hear some of things I’m hearing about Slay.


Yeah, Snacks signed an extension to stay here after knowing full well what Patricia was about. I don’t think it was smart to just cut him. I think you could have waited and then after the draft, you could probably move him to a team that wasn’t able to fill their NT role. To cut him and get nothing wasn’t smart, but I do not believe it was because Snacks didn’t like Patricia. I think Tate was due a new contract and the 3rd we got for him was more appealing. I loved GT, but I didn’t see a massive production drop in the slot, even with 400 year old Danny Amendola.


LOL, oh so now it’s because I don’t do my homework that you can make bull shit remarks? Snacks later was asked about not mentioning the coaching staff and his reply was that he had no problem with them and was surprised that he had left them out. And I could care less about the old den, I was almost never there, if you don’t have a link…??? I have Googled it and find nothing but there was somehow a problem? I just read an article about how Patricia spoke to Tate about the trade before it happened and wanted to make sure he was OK with it. At the time Kerryon was healthy and Tate was our leading receiver but he was in the last year of his contract and they weren’t going to pay him. You know, the infamous “Patriot Way”. Yes, I should hear some of the things about Slay, from reliable sources.

Wolf you of all people know that I have connections inside the Lions organization. If you recall …When I took you to the game I called a connection to get you onto the field. For a close up player experience. Not an easy task.

So hear me when I say that it’s a far bigger issue than that. I hear that MP improved a great deal from year one to year two in this regard. However he’s abrasive, unwilling to listen and just wants his players to listen and do what he says. When they don’t he yells and yells. The star players especially take exception.

With that said players think MP is likable as a person. If your just sitting around hanging out than he’s cool. But as a coach sometimes it seems all he does is yell and it gets tiring. That’s basically the message I keep hearing from multiple sources. But I also hear that he has been improving in his player relations.


Chose to believe or don’t. I have no skin in the game. I tend to not share most of what I know because of reasons just like this.

My distain for this coaching staff makes me speak out more than I probably should.


You “claimed” that Snacks “was shipped out” because he didn’t get along with the staff and said he was shipped out apparently for that reason. No mention of the fact that he was injured most of the year and that his production when he was in there was no where near the same as 2018. OR that he indeed later commented on his failure to mention the staff when he left. These are facts, with sources, like the player. Do you still stand by that, that Snacks wanted out and hated the staff? LOL, with re to Tate all you have to do is produce what you said you had produced in the past with links to actual sources. With re to Slay how many players are po’d when they are in the last year of their contract and aren’t getting paid what they think they were worth? You actually DO have skin in the game when you make comments like this. They are either true or they are not. WHY hasn’t Tate or Snacks said anything post Lions? I have no love for this staff but I also have no problem saying BS until proven otherwise and you have offered no proof at all. You can speak out all you want but you don’t get to make shit up.

The jury is still out on this, but I don’t think it’s out of the question at all.

One way we will know is if Snacks signs and plays for another team, which I think happens. He came here, played for 5 minutes, demanded a raise, got a new deal, then “played” for a year, kinda and then retired? Seems off to me. I think he may have been a disgruntled player. Probably hated the way Patricia runs the defense and how he doesn’t want his team to pressure the QB apparently.

Again, we will know if Snacks goes elsewhere and plays well. Hard to believe someone goes from pro bowl caliber to dust in the matter of weeks.

Not every player has to be a diva bitch like say, Calvin Johnson. Some just move on and worry about the team they are currently playing for, or worry about themselves and their families. Have you ever left a job you didn’t love? Did you go back and burn the damn building down, or just move on to bigger and better things?

I have no issue with Patricia trying to be a hard ass, but I think guys like Diggs, Slay and Snacks being pissed about a leader being shipped away for nothing in return says there is something there.

Bottom line, whatever Patricia is doing is not working because the “defensive guru” has been absolutely terrible at coaching defense, scheming defense, putting the defensive puzzle together and basically every aspect of his job in general. He sucks as a coach overall, not sure if it has anything to do with him yelling though. He’s just a bad football coach.

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I’ve read articles re: Tate, Slay and Diggs speaking out about this coaching staff.

Making a comment or opinion doesn’t require a link to substantiate. Choose to believe it or don’t.
If you’re looking for proof, Google is a powerful tool.

I have no issue with the coaching staff trying to change the culture. The culture that has been here for decades hasn’t worked. That said, as a business owner employing 64 people, you change the culture and you are going to lose some of your horses. It’s easier to make said change without a voice of dissension or questioning the change.

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For me, a pro football player who’s expected to be mentally tougher than his opponent for a full 60 minutes should be able to handle a person or coach that yelling at them for good reason when they screw up. And grown man who should be at a certain maturity level and understand the sport career path they have taken is fucking violent needs to just accept it.

This not accepting it imho are immature, or selfish and lazy and egotistical in the thinking they are above being told how to do their job better - which is exactly what coach’s do…

It like going into the military for the college education and healthcare Benifits but whining like fucking bitch when it’s time to go to battle - which is what it all about to begin with.

You linked the same article 3 times and it’s about Diggs, who we all know had a problem not just with the staff but with his game. So basically in your opinion I can say that every player on the Lions hates this staff and it doesn’t matter because hey, it’s my opinion. And that not only do they hate the staff, these particular guys lost their jobs here for that reason, because hey, it’s my opinion. No quotes from anyone, because hey, it doesn’t matter because it’s my opinion. I have no love for these jokers, I just think pissing on my leg and telling me it’s raining is not OK.

Time will be the ultimate answer on this issue.

If he is successful, we can look back and say he was exactly what we needed. We don’t need soft players. We don’t need players that aren’t on the same page. We need players that do their jobs and don’t make mistakes. TBH, I expect this sort of push back from some players if a coach is doing his job.

On the other hand, if he fails it will be looked at as part of his failure as a coach.

Its definitely time to turn this ship around or we’ll all know what answer it will be.


Nah. A football coach is not a dictator. Players should be allowed to voice their opinions and displeasure when things are completely dysfunctional on the field.

Look at Tom Izzo. I can’t stand the guy, but he is constantly berating his players during the games. Flat out told a player to fuck off a few weeks back. The difference is, the players give it right back to him if he is wrong or goes too far. There is a give and take and a mutual respect from him and his players. I think it’s annoying AF, but for the most part, it works for him. Bobby Knight was the same way.

The “my way or the highway” shtick isn’t going to work when you keep losing key players and replace them with yes men who suck at football. Methinks Patricia needs a little thicker skin and should have listened to Diggs who was the only leader on the roster. He may have learned something, got some respect from the entire defense and not expedited the defense into a complete train wreck. As an employer, your best assets are your people. Listening to them is sometimes the best medicine. They see things you may not see. They do the actual work and may have ideas.

Overall, whatever Patricia’s methods are, they don’t work.

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Winning cures everything. It would be preferable for all, I suppose, if it was a big love fest all the time in Allen Park, but at the end of the day these guys are employees of a billion dollar corporation and get paid very handsomely to do their jobs. If they turn it around, nobody will give a crap how they got there. And, if they don’t, well we’ll be seeing a new regime pretty quickly, so I’m not disturbed by any of this. Just win, baby.

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