Lions prospect watch

Blake Ferguson LSU 6’4" 235
Steven Wirtel Iowa State 6’4" 235

Top of the boards for Long Snappers, never know when a team is going to step in front of you and draft the best player at his position. Thought you guys should know

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talking JUST Kickers? : goes about like this citing the top five from WalterFootball….

  1. Rodrigo Blankenship Georgia 87% FG.

  2. Tyler Bass Georgia Southern 71.4 %.

  3. Jet Toner Stanford , decent FG guy but needs work and is a 7th round FA.

  4. Ricky Aguayo Florida State FA.

  5. Jace Christmann Mississippi State FA.Punters

  6. Braden Mann Texas A&M 47 .1 % longest 82 yards.

  7. Tommy Townsend Florida 45.4 % longest 71 yards.

  8. Joseph Charlton S. Carolina 47.7/ 48 % longest 73 yards.

  9. Derek Adams Kent State 43% longest 76 yards.

  10. Blake Gillian Penn State 42% 72 longest yards .

The first time I read that really quickly and thought it said Steve Urkel.

No one gets the irony of scouting long snappers for this GM…

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:joy: lol - I got a kick out of it, for whatever that’s worth

Thinking they go Longsnapper early