Lions ready for NFL draft

Well I like his confidence.

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Patricia already has his personal buffet planned out.


You tell em’ Iggy!


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Why do the Lions have a sneeze guard on Matt Patricia’s buffet? To keep him from jumping in.


There’s a real opportunity this year to really have a game-changing draft. For one, we should have a leg up on everyone since we got to evaluate a bunch of these guys more thoroughly than any other team (save the Bengals). That’s huge most years but it’s particularly advantageous this year. There’s also a lot of unprepared teams who will be drafting from fear - there’s already been articles about how we’ll see more trades involving next year’s picks than we have ever before. And why? Because decision-makers are afraid of making decisions outside of their comfort bubble. To a savvy team that’s overcome those issues (let’s hope we’re one of those), there should be a ton of value in this draft. We’re also in a prime draft spot, and our head coach and GM are young enough that they shouldn’t get overly flustered by all this dagnabbed technology.


No shit even the players can work their tablets.
Patricia’s fat fingers could mess shit up though. He needs extra large keys. Iggy that way his food scraps can fall between the cracks too!

Andy Reid, John Madden and Matt Petricia. They all sport the physique. Round is a shape. And that shape has won Super Bowls. Bill Parcells and Buddy Ryan and both his sons. The fat jokes are just as insulting as using homophobic, racist and sexist language yet the mods allow it.


Aww do you need a Kleenex ?


People can’t choose what race they are. They can’t choose whether they’re attracted to men or women. They can’t choose what sex they are… but they sure as he’ll can not be a fat, disgusting slob when they have more resources at their disposal than 99.999999% of the population.

Patricia is a disgrace and having him as HC is an insult to fans AND players.

“Matt Patricia, Lions ‘ready to go’ for the virtual NFL draft”

He was ready to go last year too…

Obesity is not something that is easily overcome… kind of like stupidity and the people that spread it, indicative by the responses.


Yeah I think there is a difference between the two.
Gezz 40 if everyone was as smart as u are they would have $5 in there pocket and a weight problem.

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I could care less about Patricia’s physique. If Rosie O’Donnell could win us a Super Bowl then hire her as head coach. Obesity is an odd critique especially based off of recent NFL events.

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Yeah… no it’s not. Having a homeless looking, obese man as your HC is a black eye for the organization. Patricia can’t even have the self respect and discipline to take care of himself, how is he going to lead a group of 50+ alpha males. The answer is that he can’t. Patricias appearance is just a reflection of who he is. The lazy POS can’t even show up to meetings on time. He is a slob in many areas of life. Imagine this slug barking at you as a professional athlete… it just doesn’t work.

And as far as “well Reid won!!!” goes… maybe if he wasn’t obese he would’ve won a SB earlier. Just saying. And Reid isn’t as sloppy as Patricia.

One is a top notch HC who is fat. One is just fat.

Exactly. The idea that MP would suddenly become a great coach if he lost 50 pounds is lost on me.

OMG that’s funny! Thanks, bro


I want every single pound of Andy Reid here in Detroit. I will personally pick him up from the airport and stop at every fast food joint on the way to Allen Park.

He is who we should have given full control to when moving on from Mayhew, but the owner is cheap, lazy, stupid and couldn’t care less about winning football games.

Patricia isn’t going to magically figure out how to be an NFL head coach thru osmosis. He is terrible. Year 2, he took the defense from mediocre to bad, to the worst in the league. This is what he is supposed to know. Epic fail. He also had players talking shit about him (not respected). He also was clueless on game days. I just don’t think he can eat his way into being a good coach. Andy Reid can and did. That’s the difference.

You’re gonna need a bigger truck.


Why not just roll him down the freeway?

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