Lions receivers leading the league in drop rate

Problem is these rookies are coming from noodle armed QBs to a rocket. Tough to adjust.

Look Spielman , IF a QB delivers the football to his receivers “good enough” they could catch it, BUT said receiver then dropped the football…that’s not on Matt Stafford. these players are supposed to be Professionals and they get paid MILLIONS to do their jobs to. WR’s have a set of responsibilities , RB’s have a set of THEIR responsibilities , QB’s have a set of responsibilities…just like LB’s CB’s and so on…Stafford delivered the Football where it COULD HAVE BEEN CAUGHT…but it was DROPPED by who?? Somebody else BESIDES Stafford…that might be a shock to you. NO I don’t think a QB can be a factor in dropped passes.

A dropped football means that the ball was on target enough to be caught, BUT the ball was dropped.

Once the football leaves Stafford’s hands responsibility falls on OTHER players to make plays.

NOW if it’s an INT , a football thrown into nowhere, a batted ball a fumble or even a sack for holding onto the ball too long…OR not getting rid of the ball?? yeah those things are on Matt alone.
few things are, he delivers the football…and works on HIS responsibilities as a QB…thats it !

A QB cannot make a poor RB group that hasn’t ran for crap, be 1,000 yard guys all of a sudden .

A QB cannot make his defense be top 10 .
A QB can’t make his receivers beasts, they have responsibility to produce and execute plays well, that’s on each receiver !