Lions release RB Thompson, WR Duhart from PS

The Lions have signed WR Marvin Hall and QB Chad Kanoff to practice squad, released WR Jonathan Duhart and RB Mark Thompson. Don’t know Hall or Kanoff, except Kanoff was on the Cardinals roster until cut day. So maybe they’re trying to get some information about them.

In Thompson’s case, I liked the guy and thought he would be a good option to have if they suffered injuries to their active RBs. Couldn’t they have found a less valuable guy? Or maybe that’s how they saw MT, I dunno.

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Hall played for the Chicago Bears during the preseason after being on the Atlanta Falcons’ active roster for the last two seasons. In 24 career games in Atlanta, Hall hauled in 12 passes for 209 yards and two TDs. Hall also served as the Falcons primary kick returner in 2018. He entered the league as an undrafted free agent out of Washington.

Kanoff played collegiately at Princeton and spent his rookie campaign of 2018 bouncing between the Arizona Cardinals active roster and practice squad. At 6-4, he’s a good athlete who posted an Ivy League-record completion percentage of 73.2 percent as a senior.

First of all, what Kingsbury is bound to like is that Kanoff played and thrived in Princeton’s shotgun heavy spread offense. Kingsbury is keen on his QBs throwing the ball with rhythm and timing—and that is something that Kanoff showcased his senior year when he broke the Ivy League passing records, completing 284 passes on 388 attempts (73.2%), 29 TDs, 9 ints. for a stellar QBR of 168.4.

What Chad Kanoff boasts is the ability to drive the ball from the far hashmarks on a rope to the opposite deep sideline, as is well demonstrated in this video. Not only is his arm strength evident here, so are his rhythm, timing and accuracy.

Kingsbury must not had liked it enough to keep him tho. I honestly know nothing about him

Well, if it’s me I take a good look at Kanoff and Blough and let the best man win for the job as QB3. I suspect at some point the Lions might want to move Blough to the PS; frankly, I’d keep both QBs on the PS just in case one of them gets poached.

Not sure what they’re doing with Hall, sometimes the Lions sign different FAs to check 'em out and then drop them for somebody else. It’s to build a database of guys that might be needed if injuries strke hard at one group and they have to sign somebody off the street. Knowing a little bit about somebody is better than knowing nothing. Maybe that’s what they’re doing with Hall.

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I bet I know what’s going on. Kliff has been running a fake offense all offseason long. Now, right before the season is to begin, he’s spending the last few days installing and teaching the real offense and gameplan. He made a point to cut Kanoff, knowing we’d pick him up. Now we are going to pump the guy for the wrong information, and Kliff and Kyler will have their first NFL victory together.

Kind of elaborate for week 1, and it makes me wonder what’s up their sleeve for week 2.

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That would be weird and deep move!

and if he is was doing this crafty move and then faking being mad during the interview - wow!

Well, looks like Patricia and Quinn have inherited the “win by any means necessary” gene from Bellichik


Chad Kanoff will be all the Lions can do if Stafford Fales. No Blough job to be had and that’s Savage!

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Bitter… are you pulling our Johnson

So we signed Atlanta’s WR and kick returner and they signed ours? (Powell)

I tell ya what, the Lions sure are not happy with their backup QB’s, they just keep turning them over.

I liked Thompson, I think he was a better player than some of these QB’s and WR’s we’ve seen brought in.


How many QBs is that now? Stafford, Johnson, Blough, and Kanoff. Hey, at least they are trying to improve the backup QB situation. Will Kanoff be released after the Cardinals game and the Lions sign a former Chargers player? lol

WTH , are my eyes lying to me. Thompson looked damn good in preseason and now he’s gone for good, geez!!! PS did we just pick up a spy or does the Princeton qb have potential?

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I liked Zenner. This team better win!

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As others have stated, the Lions are probably developing a database on all these players in case of injuries throughout the season. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of these guys are back with the team at one point in the season.

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He looks like a NFL player, a lot of these other players did not. I don’t even think Zenner looks like a NFL RB, I was sure Thompson would stick.

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So here’s the thread where we picked up Marvin Hall. It seems we were so worried about the quarterback we didn’t even discuss it really.

LMAO! I was just searching for it and reading the replies and was gonna bump it… Then I see your recent post!

Here’s the one where we brought him to the 53:

Was just looking at his stats…

he has basically doubled yardage and catch in 8 games this season compared to his 1st two overall.

no mention of any ST inputs…

not too bad imho

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Give Quinn credit.