Lions Resign Kenny Wiggins




Kenny “the missing piece” Wiggins! Denver’s $12 million a year guard couldn’t beat him out for the starting gig last year. O line is set.

Sarcasm aside, I’ll take him over aboushi i guess?

Plus there’s still the draft.

The lions shouldn’t go into the year with Wiggins as the starting rg. Ive got no issues with him as a backup though if it comes down to it. Solid signing if that’s the end result I’d say.

Yipes, not a good sign, signing retreads.

I think we only have 1 position left open if you include our draft picks. Could have been worse.

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I bet BQ plans to start him.

God I hope not.


A band aid not stitches. Need to close the hole at RG not patch it.

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Someone wanted to stay…:crazy_face:


Is this his wife?

Hope we get someone in this draft better than this guy. He’s a 3rd string backup.

How much for a back up to a back up?

Wait a minute, am I wrong or didn’t Wiggins split time somewhat with Glasgow at RG? Can’t be that bad, else they wouldn’t have done that all year. Which is not to say he’s that good, but I wouldn’t say he’s garbage either cuz he does give the Lions some flexibility across the IOL.

I am not sure that any IOL guy the Lions draft will be NFL-ready by September, particularly since the COVID-19 thing could delay the OTAs, TC, and maybe even the season itself. This guy at least knows what he needs to do, a big step up from the rookie that they might draft and the FA guy they signed. I wouldn’t say that Wiggins is the starter, he’s going to have to beat out the other guys for the job. Hard to say how good he will have to be to do that though.

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How exciting!

BQ has struggled to build an OL, but there has been effort. That’s about as positive as I can be.

5th signing since I said they were done. (does that make me a 5-time loser?)
81st player toward a 90-man limit.
9 picks in the draft that need to be selected and signed.
That leaves zero room for signing UDFA’s without releasing someone first.

I knew we were close, and if we trade down we have 10 picks. But, they have plenty of time to decide who stays and goes because it usually takes a while to get all the rookies signed.

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True, there’s a buffer with the timing. In theory, they could sign up to 9 UDFA’s next Sunday night and “invite” some guys to camp.

In the 12 or so years I’ve obsessed over the roster, I cannot recall ever being this full heading into the draft. I cannot imagine they walk away from this draft with only 9 Draft Picks and Undrafted Free Agents. We’re going to see corresponding cuts of some of our depth guys in the weeks following the draft as the picks are signed to contracts.

I like signing he is better than most of you think It was delayed till they likely got a medical report from operation he had Common Fans try to look at move objectively an not always complain.

He fits in what they like him for swing OLman who know system This could let them now move Crosby to ROG Wiggins plays both OG an OT positions.

This allows them room to get likely a OT in draft.


They think seven OT’s go in the first.

No, they are right, Wiggins is pretty bad. You should do some research on players before just blindly defending every move the front office does.
PFF grade of 61…but he’s a backup, so whatever.