Lions sign CB Darryl Roberts

We don’t need Okudah now…grab the LT


Well one thing is for sure with our 3 man rush we burn alot of toast.

Roberts also averaged more than 150 special teams snaps the past three years. Just sayin’. Don’t know how well though. Has played in the slot and at Safety too. None of which means he makes the team, and with what looks like an abbreviated off-season to sat he least, he’s gonna have a lot to learn in a short amount of time to work on it. The same can be said though for Trufant, Harmon, McRae, and Kearse. And the rookie CB, if the Lions draft one, which I think they will. So maybe a vet CB is better to have around, for awhile at least.

This isn’t a lions thing to sign people they have familiarity with…or someone they know and trust has familiarity with them…it’s like any business, it’s about who you know You can trust.

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Whoa whoa whoa!!! QBHater90…you can’t be spouting off loads of common sense and logic like this all in one short post! It’s too much for some of us to handle.

A rare side effect, know as SHES (Sudden Head Explosion Syndrome), can cause peoples heads to explode after being loaded with to much common sense.

Please warn us before posting information like this in the future. Thank you, from all the SHES people out there.


Go read my post in the thread about STs … I think this rolls with that as well

I am not certain but I think you can go over an there is a date that all teams must be at 90 . Maybe this will make someone who knows fro certain about the roster rules.

September 5th 2020 …cut to 53 is the only cut down day that need’s to be made . The 90 rule is all the time you can not get to 91 …Signing the 91st has to be accompanied by a cut of the 90th player…

We can technically draft players putting us over 90, but we can’t sign more than 90.

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Right. That’s what we’re talking about, the 90-man limit. We’re already at 80.

In order to have “ haters “ the Lions would actually have to do something right for others to be jealous of.

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Technically, he’s can’t be incorrect lol. He put the word inside quotes, calling into question the denotative meaning of the word. Just sayin’.

“ hating “ on the Lions is like “ hating “ on the guy in the trailer park with a meth lab who is married to his cousin.

Is my cousin fat and does she have kids?

I totally read that as “thread about STD’s” and was like what???

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Is she single?

If she’s fat and has kids, who cares? Standards dude, you need some standards. :stuck_out_tongue:

She was single when she had kids.

Day 10 of quarantine. lol

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