Lions Sign Danny Shelton

Former Pats’ defensive lineman Danny Shelton is signing with the Lions on a 2-year deal for $8mil, per @RosenhausSports.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) March 18, 2020

We got our run plugger in the middle.

That’s good news, been waiting for this

Predictable, but still a good signing.

2 fair moves by Quinn -perhaps three.

Thank you Lord. 2yrs, $8 mil is what I read.

Now that’s a signing worth feeling good about.

Shelton, still only 26 years old, had his best season with the Patriots in 2019 with 30 solo tackles, a career high 3 sacks, and an additional 5 solo tackles in the playoff game.

And, it’s considerably less than the four-year, $53 million contract DJ Reader signed with the Bengals.

There we go. Expected, necessary and nice. Shelton will be a rotational player here.

Teams like the Bengals always have to overpay!

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A bargain, too. 8 mil over 2 years? Gimme two more Shelton’s please.


The former first-round pick then saw a resurgence in his play during the 2019 season. Shelton started 14 out of 16 games in 2019 after starting just one in 2018. He also reached career highs in sacks, combined tackles, and quarterback hits. Despite being an afterthought in last year’s free agency, Shelton’s elevated play in 2019 has led to him being more of a priority free agent this time around.

Danny Shelton will be a great addition as a true 0-1 technique nose tackle. Playing Shelton at nose tackle makes a lot of sense, considering he is about 6’2 and 345 pounds. This makes him one of the biggest players in the NFL. Though he has played more alignments before, this maximizes his ability to hold up against double teams in the run game and closing gaps.

Finally. Wow. Lol it is starting to get comical, I will admit, how many Patriots players we are taking. That is cheap too, wow. 2 years 8mill

“Danny‘s done a good job for us. His second year, I think he came in, he was in good shape, he came in with a great attitude. He’s really worked hard to do the things that we’ve asked him to do, which is a little different than what he’d done in the systems that he’d been in Cleveland," Patriots head man Bill Belichick said. “He tried to do that last year, I’d say this year he’s just further ahead on it. Build on the experiences that he had last year, and has given us a really good level of play inside.”

Belichick added, “His role has actually expanded from what it was last year because he’s been able to do more things, and he’s doing the things that we’ve asked him to do at a good level. So, he’s been productive and versatile. He’s done a good job for us.”

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I read it at 2 yrs at 8 per, otherwise he’s cheaper than we paid for Williams. I really like it if it’s only 4 per yr

Nice signing,

Where’s the Beef!!!

@345 lbs that is a hefty New York Strip cut for pennies.

it says 2 year 8mill. So 4 mill a year. Does this mean we pass on Derrick Brown?

While I do like Shelton, and see that many are happy with this signing here. I too am glad we at least have someone that knows the system here.

But we also have to remember that there is another side to this coin.

PFF does not share our optimism with us. Scroll down to Danny’s listing and read. #125

With Shelton does Kinlaw fit better? I think it opens our 1st up to go a number of directions


Void the Nick Williams contract and go grab a CB.

I’m pretty sure its, 2 years at 8 million per year