Lions sign QB Jeff Driskel

Lately released from Cincinatti. Guess the Lions like him better than JJ. Tried to convert to WR?

Jeff Driskel was put on IR this preseason, but the Bengals recently released him with an injury settlement.

It was a hamstring injury, so unclear how soon he’d be ready to be a backup.

Driskel is a raw QB with little experience . no telling IF we’ll actually hang on to him , and if so…how long.?

who cares, the Lions lose Stafford they suck…it’s not like they are in teh Steelers or Saints situation and need to have a back up in case the starter breaks his hand or hip or whatever…they old.

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Our 2011 Rivals class ranking just shot bumped up a notch

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Interesting with all the changes… Driskel was also drafted by Boston Red Sox despite not playing since High School. 6’4", 233lbs.

This guy can also run if needed.

David Blough and Jeff Driskel as the backups. MP thinks they fit their skill set.

MP: “I think for us, we continually evaluate every position on our roster every single week and try to do everything we can to continually look at the players that become available,” Patricia said during a conference call with reporters on Tuesday. "If we have that opportunity to take a look at them, we’ll try to do that.

“He’s (Driskel) definitely a player that we’ve looked at in the past and looked at through the preseason. Like I said, we just had the opportunity to bring him in and take a closer look. He’s an athletic guy. He’s a big guy. He’s got a strong arm. He can do some of the movement stuff, so just a skill set that we thought was fitting to some of the things that we do.”

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“he can do some of the movement stuff”… LOL now I get it!

yeah , highlights are a double-edged sword brother, they ONLY share what he did well, not all the times he made mistakes or what they were. worries me he’d rather run around like a raped ape than use his ‘throwing’ ability.

What Patricia said makes me think Driskel might not be here too long if somebody better comes along. I wasn’t too impressed with his speed and agility, based on what I saw of one of his plays. Yeah, only one play though.

I was surprised when they let JJ go, to me it means they don’t have a decent, experienced QB2. What they have now is a couple of QB3s, and I don’t understand their thinking.

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Unless Johnson, seeing the QB injuries around the league, requested his release, so he had a chance to play in 2019–something that wasn’t going to happen as long as #9 is healthy.

Agreed. Both guys are developmental guys who weren’t here during camp to learn the O or have had extensive experience throwing against NFL defenses. With our D, a serviceable backup could win us some games if Matt misses a little bit of time.

With Driskell’s mobility, Bevell could potentially pull more “Russell Wilson type plays” out of his playbook.

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Over/Under set at 1 week before he is cut for Kickalicious’ cousin who was an all conference cricket player and played QB once with his friends after church.

Driskel emerged as a guy who looked more like an athletic QB than an athlete playing QB. He remains a great athlete, though; Driskel had the best 40-yard dash (4.56) and broad jump (122 inches) of any QB in the 2016 draft class. That helped him become a 6th-round pick by the 49ers.

This definitely has Bevell’s handwriting on it.

Our savior in the Windy City!

Definitely interested to see what Bevell has been working on with him.