Lions sign Reggie Ragland

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Anyone have the history on him?
I know he played at Alabama but I haven’t kept up with him since then.
He has the size that the Lions like.

This might spell the end for Davis.

Thus makes me pretty damn happy. I was pimping for Ragland this off-season as a run stuffer with additional upside. Very nice.

27 in September. Has been pretty healthy and played pretty well for KC last year. Yea, I am happy with this. Reggie was 6’1" and 247 pounds at his combine in 2016. He missed his while rookie season but has been pretty healthy since then.

LBer core now:
Jarrad Davis, Reggie Ragland, Jahlani Tavai, Jamie Collins and Christian Jones. Things are starting to come together.

Put me down for liking this signing a lot.


Drafted in the 2nd round by the Bills back in 2016 I think. They traded a couple picks to move up and grab him if I recall.

Torn ACL in his rookie season really halted his progression.
Played for KC the last few seasons.

Good depth Imo.

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Good signing for our system, but he’s another 2-down guy who’s not very good in coverage, a lot like what we already have. He’s better than Christian Jones though.


Yeah, our LBers can’t cover and are slow as hell, this should be fun


Yeah, that kind of goes with 250lb+ LB’ers. I’m not sure how NE covered them up.

Ragland played well in KC as I watched their games. I like this. That’s a lot of LB capital we have,somewhat none of it awesome but between those 5 its enough to make me feel like we don’t suck there now.

They also signed Elijah Lee. Definitely depth player. Maybe practice squad.

The Chiefs switched to a 4/3 defense in 2019:

That isn’t Ragland’s game and Reggie sat out a lot of games for the Chiefs in 2019. When Reggie did get his shot he played really, really well for the Chiefs.

Here are Reggie’s snap counts with the Chiefs in 2019:

Chief starters at LBer seem to be Andrew Hitchens (235 pounds…4th rd. pick of the Cowboys in 2014) and Damien Wilson (245 pounds…the strong side guy). Ben Neimann split time with Ragland I believe. Ben is an UDFA from 2018 I believe). 24 years old.

The Chiefs WERE a 3/4 team as were the Bills I believe where Reggie started his career. This seems to be a really solid scheme match. I am excited to have Reggie here in the rotation at LBer. Very nice.


Any word what the contract is?

Hmmm can he play DE?

We don’t talk about LBers named Hitchens around these parts


Lee is another quality young backup who is a good special teams player. Seems they are paying particular attention to special teams value on these second-tier FA signings.

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Competition for a guy like Longa.

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I think we might be seeing the phasing out of Jarrad Davis with the signing of Ragland.

Jarrd has a ton of heart, he has a great work ethic but this scheme seems foreign to him. If we keep him in 2020 there are ways we can use him for sure. But it is unlikely Jarrad will be here in 2021 though. Certainly not at his 5th year option level. I know folks are saying Jarrad ISN’T available via trade but I have to imagine if the price is right a deal can be made.

I envision Jarrad as a weakside guy now with Reggie now signed. I see Reggie as a day one starter here. Jarrad seems to be a 4/3 guy and if we can get value for him then I can see a trade happening. But hell, keeping the guy is also fine as we can use him for sure. We used Jarrad a LOT in 2019:

Unless a trade blows me away I keep Jarrad one more season and see how I can construct this LBer crew. There is a nice balance if skill set at this point.

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Ragland occasionally performs at a high level:

But, may be just another big slow LB:

The hamstring injury Murray suffered during his second 40 isn’t expected to be serious, which makes him pretty much a lock at this point to go Round 1. Linebackers at 241 pounds running 4.52 40s with 38-inch verticals and 10-foot-9 broad jumps don’t last long in the draft. He will be a sight for sore eyes for Chiefs fans who have seen Reggie Ragland (4.72 40, 31.5-inch vertical, 9-foot-8 broad) in the open field.

Renner mentioned Ragland, who is slated to be a free agent and who probably won’t be back in Kansas City in 2020. Murray could easily come in and not only replace Ragland, but be a better option on the field than Ragland was.

This is from Ragland’s scouting report… puts you in mind of Quinn talking about Tavai… specifically the part about seeing them do it (play on and off the line) in college.

“Old-school, take­-on middle linebacker who plays the game the way Nick Saban likes. Steps into hole and will swap paint with lead blockers in order to constrict his gap. Instinctive linebacker who trusts his eyes and goes. Showed greater understanding of angles and leverage this year. Won’t over­-commit when flowing to ball carrier and almost always finds his run fits. Missed tackles fell from ten in 2014 to just three this season. Played with hand in ground as an edge rusher in some sub­-packages”

I am telling ya’, I love this signing.


I like Reeves-Maybin. I always thought he stood out and did positive things whenever they actually put him on the field.

The addition of all of these other guys doesn’t bode well for him.

The Lions cynic in me says - “Well, good for him. He’ll go to another team that will actually put him on the field where he can become yet another player that proves the Lions don’t know how to use the talent they have.”

My hunch is that his “problem” here in Detroit is not being the right height and weight.