Lions sign TE Jesse James



I like this move. He’s an underrated and was underused by the Steelers and is still young. Plus it all but guarantees we won’t draft TE at 8


Nice signing. A guy that i was hoping for in FA. Good blocker, runs decent routes, catches the ball, young…im hoping that his contract is near the 5M mark.


FUCKING STOKED!! He’s exactly what we needed


Jokes on them. Jesse James was shot dead by outlaw Robert Ford in 1882. Classic Lions …


Iggy Junior.


LOL yup, that’s me alright!


Okay boyz, no fighting or you can go to your rooms!


I had a friend one time
Least I thought I did
He come up to me and, and he said, “Johnny?”
I said, “What man?”
“I’m outdoors”
I said, “Yeah?”
So I take him in
Give him a place to stay
‘Till I find out he’s going around town
Telling everybody
That he got my wife
And I gets maaaad
So I goes to the cat
Like a good guy should
And I say, “Look man-
I’m gonna warn you
Just one time
Next time I warn you
I’m gonna use my gun
‘Cause I’m maaad”
I’m baaad
Like Jesse James

I like any signing that brings up a good song.


Love this signing! Really smart move!


Not fighting. Just poking fun at my 4th cousin once removed…then put back.


Lol. Nice.

Hey Adrian!


Dude’s arms look like mine. That makes it a great signing.

Bob Quinn landed the No. 1 nickel, and the No. 1 defensive end, plus Danny Amendola -- and he still wasn't done.

Detroit has added former Steelers TE Jesse James too, one of the best all-around tight ends to hit the open market

— Kyle Meinke (@kmeinke) March 11, 2019


Oh, man! I didn’t know she was from the longerie league.
Damn it!


I love to pinch and tackle when playing in that league.


Great blocker in the run game. Bevell’s evil plan is taking shape.


Money announced. 4 years, $25M.


So basically AAV where Brate is. Ok I guess.


I would think cap hit may be closer to 4m this year, as cap guru guy got Flowers 18m AAV down to 6.4m cap hit this year.

Soooo, maybe one more big signing???