Lions sitting on 30 mil in cap space. Only Browns have more

According to Justin Rogers the Lions have the second most available cap space. Which seems odd for a GM and HC on the hot seat.

So what are we planning to do with it?

Post-draft veteran cuts or signings?

Hmmm tons of money.

A sign and trade for Chris Jones wouldn’t hurt my feelings


Gotta have space to absorb the Stafford cap hit when he’s dealt


Quinn seems to position himself every year to pick up veteran cuts
Anyone know the track record for those late signings?

I’d rather be in position to pick up guys than have to dump guys

$30 mil - $10 mil for signing draftees, and another $10-12 mil for pre- and in-season signings if and when needed. Might wanna keep some in the hole to extend Golladay and/or Decker too. What’s that leave? Not a lot, but I suspect Quinn will make a few more FA signings for depth here and there, maybe some rotational pieces.

Not enough cap

I was thinking same with Yannick, if we could talk him into signing long term.


We’ll be in position to trade 2021 pick(s) to a team that ended up with an embarrassment of riches at a position where they have a high priced vet and need to get under the cap. Brandon Scherrf, Trent Williams, Yannick Ngakoue and Joe Thuney come to mind.


This is my guess. But it could also give us some breathing room to extend some guys like Decker.

Kaepernick would come cheap.



Quinn said they’re leaving it there for late season signings and re-signing their own guys.


Smells like a Golladay extension to me. Maybe even prepping for Decker. That would be smart to me.


like I said, last year we had 20 million left over…the season was a Three Stooges Re-Run , but , can’t run, can’t defend, Starting QB plays half a season , #1 draft pick gets a grotesque injury, all the extra yards and points that got called back—thanks again refs , and maybe here now in 2020 our Esteemed HC MIGHT have a ^%$#@ clue what he’s doing and will be better liked/respected ALL: TBD.

But hey we are SO close to a brand new draft, let’s try not to throw shit and break stuff and leave the dog alone, and enjoy it.

Martha can pocket it $6 mill for draft picks …$24 Million more in the bank . She has to ask " Are we a playoff team if I spend it? "

If anything other then we really think so or we guarantee it … She could sit on the money

Since the cap came into effect in 1994, the Ford’s have spent every dime they were allowed to under the cap. Now after 27 years, they are all of a sudden going to pocket it??


How much is Kenny G going to get?

Most likely more than he’s worth.

He’s a fucking Lion. The fans here are such shit bags they would complain if Barry Sanders played for the league minimum in his prime. Golladay is gonna get paid and in three months he’ll have his contract trumped 15 times by other receivers. When we look at it in two years, he’ll be playing at bargain rates.