Lions still in prime position to trade down from No. 3 overall

From Justin Rogers:

But the Miami Dolphins and Los Angeles Chargers, sitting at Nos. 5 and 6, are primed to compete for Tagovailoa if they don’t want to settle for the next best option, whether that’s Justin Herbert or Jordan Love.

As it currently stands, the Dolphins are set to roll into 2020 with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center, while the Chargers, after striking out in the Brady sweepstakes, will turn to Tyrod Taylor. Both are capable starters, but long-term solutions, they are not.

Here’s where it gets interesting for the Lions, assuming they’re truly eyeing Okudah as the long-term replacement for Slay. The teams directly behind them on the draft board, the Giants and Dolphins, both invested heavily in a cornerback in free agency.

The Giants are giving James Bradberry $45 million over three years ($32 million guaranteed) to pair with last year’s first-round pick DeAndre Baker, while the Dolphins are set to award the largest contract to a cornerback in NFL history after agreeing to a five-year, $82.5 million pact with Byron Jones. Plus, they have Xavien Howard, another high-paid talent on the opposite side.

All that to say those two teams aren’t in the market for another corner, leaving no logical threats to the Lions for Okudah if they move down, barring another team making an unlikely trade up into the top five for the talented defender.

A final scenario that could play out is either the Dolphins or Chargers move up to No. 2 to ensure their quarterback, allowing Ohio State defensive end Chase Young to slide to Detroit.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but the dominoes are setting up for things to go the Lions way in April.


The only way this off season could end up looking somewhat sensible is if we not only trade down from #3, but trade Stafford and add even more high picks going forward. If we do the chalk b.s. and just reach for Okudah at 3 and go thru the motions, it’s going to be bad.

I’m ok with drafting a rookie QB (if not this year, then next), trading Stafford, starting Daniel for a bit and have a bunch of draft picks going forward so this team can actually start to build a young core. As it stands we seem to get older, or at least no younger and we have exactly no pieces to build around as it currently stands.

In year 5 of the Quinn era, you don’t all of sudden start to look at building around your 12 year vet QB. It’s time to find an identity and I think building an elite defense is the way to go. I’ve also said that for the past 35 years, but the geniuses in the front office have never done it once. The closes thing was back when we had Suh, Ziggy, Fairley and had one of the better teams of the past couple decades. Of course we shouldn’t fucking try that again.

Love that stuff! Jones wasn’t that bad either, and also- a healthy Levy behind them. I love that philosophy on D.


But, Bob Quinn never gets Value in the draft - you know he’s taking that CB at 3, and that’s just the end of that.

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Or at No. 5.

He’s not savvy enough to trade down, unless he trades our #3 for the #5 straight up. Dude is a dunce

Yep if you say that, it has to be true.

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Any evidence to contradict that, guy? Or just slurpin the BQ goo?

Neither. Just stating the truth guy.

I think most are already tracking these possible scenarios. This board has been talking about trade downs non-stop for the last 2 months. Some even talk as if it’s a given that were going to be trading down.

Personally I think it is just as likely, actually more likely, that the Dolphins and Chargers stand fast and just pick whichever QB falls to them, be it Tua or Herbert.

Even if the Chargers jumped up to pick Tua, Herbert would would still be there for the Dolphins, and vis versa, if the Dolphins jumped up to get Tua then Herbert will be there for the Chargers.

Neither team should feel panicked to throw away high draft picks when it’s an almost certainty that one of Tua and Herbert will be there at their current slots.

I guess we’ll see. Can’t wait for the draft to get here.

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That is pretty classless.


I think it’s as simple as either or both think Tua is the generational talent he’s been alleged to be. If one or both do, Herbert nor Love will prevent a trade up.

My doubt comes because of Tua’s injury history which IMO is the issue that would prevent a trade up, not the talent.

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Yep, i’m afraid this is the most likely scenario. Only way we might get one of them motivated is if we started talking to teams farther down the list like the Panthers/Jags/Raiders, though i’m not sure how badly they want a 1st round QB. Too bad Colts aren’t still there to trade down. But then the question is are you really willing to trade down so far? Are you trying to bluff the Chargers and are they willing to call your bluff?

At this point I think it’s Okudah at 3, though this is Quinn we are talking about. Probably reach for an OG.

Yeah, that’s my feeling as well. Tua’s injury concern definitely threw a wrench into things. At this point I personally feel both Tua and Herbert come with risks and taking that into account probably means they rate about the same with teams needing a QB.

My fear remains that Young falls to us because Wash drafts an OT. Teams are wanting to trade up too. But BQ decides to stay at 3 and draft Okudah.


That fear isn’t baseless. Immediately following their last bowl game, there were a lot of viewers that preferred Okudah to Young. It could happen. Okudah could easily be #1 on their board with #2 even being one of the OT’s. Despite the value that Young provides as an elite pass-rusher, it’s conceivable he doesn’t grade as high with them. Of course, he could be #1 on their board, too, but there’s no guarantee he is.

The other headache that Quinn causes is; I could see him trading away for a sack of magic beans, even out of the top 10. But I could also see him setting the price so high that he doesn’t find a trade partner.

He’s the Sicilian in Princess Bride getting ready to drink from the fatal cup.

Is Quinn ballsy enough, that if Young goes #2, and Dolphins/Chargers balk, and don’t offer anything… can he pull an Eli, and draft Tua to force the teams to trade? Take some fortitude, but I’d like to see it.

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I’d be scared to death we’d be stuck with him. He’s had surgery on both ankles and a broken hip. Someone might buy into the talent, but that injury history is the reason I doubt a team trading up for him.

If Young is gone, I’d dearly love a trade down. I just don’t think it’s going to happen, especially if a team can’t have their doctors look at him due to the covid 19 pandemic. I haven’t heard anything yet on how that will be handled.


Hey mods, how is this shit not grounds for time out?
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Damn right it is
In the extreme
Pisses me off that people talk that way online

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