Lions take a flyer on a former 1st round guard

Lions sign former first-rounder Joshua Garnett

Posted by Darin Gantt on February 3, 2020, 5:32 PM EST

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With rosters moving from 53 to 90 for the offseason, teams have room to bring in projects.

So the Lions are going to take a chance on a guy who was once a top draft prospect.

The team announced the signing of free agent guard Joshua Garnett.

Garnett was a first-round pick (28th overall) by the 49ers in the Chip Kelly year (2016). He started 11 games as a rookie, but was hit with injuries after that, and only played in seven games (no starts) since then.

The 49ers declined his fifth-year option, and released him at the end of training camp last year.

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They have this kid named Thomlinson on the SF 49er roster that made this kid expendable. I’d much rather have that Thomlinson kid.


Garnett was an absolute man child at Stanford.

I really like this dumpster dive. Dumpster diving is one thing that BQ has done well IMO (Okwara, Bo, Hall, Logan Thomas, etc.)

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Right, but from what I have heard and read it’s mainly injuries that have sidelined him, he was actually pretty good when he played. Hopefully he can get healthy

And it cost us next to zero to see if he can get back to form. The 49ers would have had to pay him 5th Year 1st Round Pick Option money ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$) to see if he can get back to form from the injuries. It was a no brainer for the 49ers not to pay him and it is a steal for us to pay almost nothing to kick the tires

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I hope it works out

I wonder what he would look like next to our last 1st rd reclamation priject Greg Robinson

These types of players are lottery picks
But if you hit on a couple they can be impactful
Let’s hope we can find some luck …


There’s a lot to be said about rather being lucky than good.

This team could use some good fortune smiling upon them