Lions Team = a car

Bear with me. we are always throwing out the car or it’s parts and it runs a little bit and then breaks down again, we bring in new mechanics HC’s , GM’s,) to fix it…car/team runs for awhil then breaks down again. “well f^ck these mechanics didn’t do any better than the last…let’s fire the mechanics again !” new HC, new GM working on the car again. now sometimes we say damnit I’m not sinking more money in that car and sell it/get rid of it…sometimes you hang onto that car because you love it and it’s options…THOUGH it has problems.

the oil has to be changed regularly , it always needs tons of gas, the transmission went out , it needs ball joints, it needs, brakes, ( I see this LIKE our defense) different little things always going wrong BUT you can’t always afford just to get rid of the car…so we fix the parts that wear again and again. the car/team is doing the same things and even though you get new parts and change mechanics , the same: brakes , wires, oil changes , gas fill ups , tire replacements , spark plugs , and tune ups occur with the car (team) , parts/players , and mechanics/leaders.

the team isn’t really “changing” outside a few faces, and the issue (defense) is largely the issue with the car -right now- .

lets look at Bill B, he was The Patriot HC 18 years. weather that shit failed or not he stayed there and learned and fixed it with a goat QB in Tom Brady.

WE just fire and replace and fire and rebuild, place a new scheme…new OC, ne GM, New HC and sometimes more very frequently. We never let anybody have enough time to really figure out the problems team-wide, if they stumble the first 2 seasons? “FIRE THEM!”

Sure SOME players just cannot ever stay healthy and are not helping, by not playing and need to go…bc you can’t ever ‘fix’ or repair them or get them to be productive THOUGH, someone ELSE “might” be able to. (we are always pissed off and amazed when this happens) but if we can’t/we can’t make them play well…then we had to move them. no big deal.
but through history, we are quick as fuck to cut ties with ALL of our leaders and the train goes around the track over and over because NOBODY is given longer time to maybe get the defense (in this case) my point is why not give someone a chance to solve our defensive woes?? TIME to?
IMO Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia SHOULD get this upcoming offseason to see what product they set out in 2020…and what happens to Paul Pas.

we were/are ranked 31st defense…can it get worse in 2020 !? we can only get better right?
stands to reason, if the defense improves, our winning should to.

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Something tells me Detroit is a lemon.

A Ford Pinto


yes but were not selling said lemon and never have, like I said the Offense can run at a decent level…needs some tweaking, some refinement on the O-line BUT is our strength , the defense needs an overhaul and send away parts/players that cannot stay healthy and replace them this offseason for notably better versions during the draft , get rid of your weak links and replace them with QUALITY parts/players that straight produce and do not…have injury histories.

nobody in the history of The Detroit Lions ever has been HC long enough to right anything like some of our rivals. we have one section of the lemon that needs the most attention but if a GM and HC don’t fix it in 2 seasons?? well they are fired , replaced and new persons get here and if they can’t in 2 seasons? wash, rinse, repeat. and nothing barely gets solved.

Speak for yourself. I sold it a while ago! :lemon:

He won a Super Bowl in his second year and his only losing season in that 18 year span was his first. That shit never failed.


To be fair, the Patriots did go to the Superbowl 3 years before Belichick.

advantage: playing in one of the worst divisions in football.

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That hasn’t helped the Cowboys get double digit wins for most of 20 straight years

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thats true, jerry jones and bill belechik are the same guy (I put jerry jones in that spot because that dude is micromanagement hell)

Belichick was there during that Super Bowl run. Interesting note: In 12 seasons with Bill Belichick on his staff, Bill Parcells won 11 playoff games, 2 Super Bowls and played in another Super Bowl and had only 2 losing seasons. In the 7 seasons he didn’t have Belichick, he never won a single playoff game and had 3 losing seasons.


Nice pull, that’s very interesting.

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The Lions are a Mustang II. It’s been dressed up nicely, but at heart it’s still a Pinto.


The Lions are that new 4-door Mustang that looks like a Toyota.


yes the offense is fine outside of injured QB’s and O-line, we are able to move the ball with a back up QB and the offense as it is…the lemon part of the car is certainly the defense, we were in the race defensively in 2018 , but just a trip into 2019 ….and we have 3 flat tires and a blown radiator all season WHY ? who knows but we look like a bunch of monkeys f^cking footballs on that side and we might get the car on the track, but we lag behind almost all the other racers here.
I have zero faith in Paul P who is DC and seemingly thinks his scheme works and refuses to let Patricia, the HC help…


Martha Ford = Someone who needs a new reliable car.

But she keeps buying Kias because they are cheap, and have to be thrown away after just a few years.

Shitty cars require more service and complete overhauls. Go out and buy a fucking Caddy and you will have less turnover and less maintenance.

I don’t know why this myth keeps being brought up. The Fords aren’t cheap. They invested significantly into Ford field, built the new Allen Park facilities and keep them updated, and pay their staff and front office well. I’ve never hear any reports that the Lions couldn’t attract coaching or front office talent because of the state of the facilities or the pay. Similarly, I don’t hear current or ex Lions complaining about the facility.

The issue is not that the Fords are buying Kias, it’s that they are buying Jaguars. Expensive, good name recognition, looks good on paper, but doesn’t actually perform. Breaks down a lot, maintenance is a pain, and not very versatile. I’m not sure what the proper car analogy would be for a good GM/head coach combination- Subaru? Telsa Pickup? '87 Land rover? The only thing I know is that the Fords aren’t out there buying Kias.

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Kia’s are alot better than they used to be, and by association so are the Hyundai’s

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That is really, really interesting.