Lions to release Snacks

Why did our genius GM extend him again? There was no reason to.

$5 million in dead cap this year, $2.5 next.


All emotional pick without checking the eating habit . Millen at least picked a gem in Shaun Rogers. Quinn wasted money with Lang , ansah , horrible .


Nobody even knows why this MIGHT happen. Maybe its true maybe its not.

DT is definitely in play in rd 1!

He sure did regress last year

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Snacks played the Lions for suckers.


Remember when Bob Quinn was a genius getting Snacks for a 5th and Snacks would definitely be better next year and he was just injured?

Good times good laughs



The organization is terrible.
The Lions have so many holes it’s insane.
I mean, coming off a 3 win season, and their asses on the line, you figure they’d at least try to keep some things intact heading into the busiest point of the offseason.
I can’t take Quinn seriously. Whatsoever.

We are 4 years into Bob Quinn’s regime and the only objectively good player he’s drafted or acquired that is definitely going to be on the team in 2020 is Kenny Golladay.

Literally every other player is either mediocre,unproven, gone or injury prone.

This is wild.


It really is. But he’s confident in himself, so there’s that.

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Damn Snacks just ate Quinn. What a joke of a GM!


You know what.

Trey Flowers is objectively a good player.

He’s a little overpaid but he’s good.

So Bob has 2 lol.

And Quinn still has a job.


How do you figure? His dead money would be 5M this year and nothing else. Please don’t embarrass yourself by not stating the facts correctly. His extension basically took his 2019 salary and made it guaranteed. When you look at the math he took a 5M pay cut last year and his cap hit was only 4M. His salary would have been about 9M before the extension, so we saved 5M against the cap last year. We did not use it last year, so it carried forward to this year. IF this radio show guy is right and he does retire the net effect doesn’t really move the cap. Now if you all say he regressed and he does retires it frees up 6.7M of cap space this year. Stop the bullshit responses.

OWEN16 he didn’t play the Lions at all it was only about getting his salary guaranteed for last year. Basically same money different years Now if he comes to camp or in the preseason and gets hurt (mysteriously) then I will give some credence as then he gets 3.5M in guarantees that were not there before the extension.



We didn’t pick him LMAO


Matt Stafford is a good player. Bob Quinn inherited him of course. Both Decker and Ragnow are good players. I guess some see Decker as mediocre though his next contract certainly won’t suggest that. Tracy Walker is a good player. Hand is though he’s injury prone.

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Don’t need him anyway. We’re going up for Chase Young and moving back to a base 4-3. No pure NT needed.

Does this mean that we’re going back to a 3 meal a day game plan?

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There are a lot of DT free agents available. The Lions should be able to get a couple vets and youth there.

I love Tracy Walker but he’s unproven and he’s been injury prone. I think Decker is the definition of mediocre and so was Riley Reiff but mediocre left tackles getting paid big money doesn’t mean they aren’t mediocre.

I can’t give Quinn credit for inheriting Matt Stafford.

Ragnow is objectively good. You are right about that. We are up to 3.