Lions Trade Down, Fill Three Holes

Lions Trade Down, Fill Three Holes In Peter King’s Final Mock

They get the top CB, top G and the No. 3 RB on the board.


APRIL 20, 2020 - 2:47 PM

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Mike Valenti rolled out his latest 2020 NFL mock draft.




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Draft Week is here, and the experts are making their final picks. Outside of Joe Burrow to the Bengals and Chase Young to the Redskins, no one’s all that sure what to expect.

The uncertainty begins with the Lions at No. 3. Namely, will they trade down?

They’d like to, Bob Quinn said Friday, but only if they can stay within the draft’s first tier of players. They don’t want to take themselves out of the running for an instant-impact rookie – someone like Jeffrey Okudah or Isaiah Simmons. Or even Derrick Brown, who’s reportedly making a late push up Detroit’s draft board.

For the Lions, it’s a question of whether the Dolphins or Chargers will make an offer to move up. If one of them does, Detroit will take what it can get – just don’t expect another first-round pick to be part of the equation.

Signs From Quinn Point Toward Lions Drafting Okudah

In Peter King’s final mock, released Monday, it’s the Dolphins who make the move. They send picks Nos. 5 and 39 to Detroit for No. 3 and the right to select Oregon QB Justin Herbert.

“It’s funny,” writes King. “Whether Miami makes the trade or not, I think Miami and Detroit will make the same picks. I do think, for the peace of mind and to prevent anyone from leapfrogging them, the Dolphins would be smart to deal the 39th overall pick to Detroit to move up two slots here.”

At No. 5, the Lions take Okudah. It’s the scenario Quinn is hoping for – he adds a pick and still gets his guy. The return in the trade isn’t overwhelming, but at this point neither is the appeal of moving up. Tua Tagovailoa’s stock is falling, and Herbert is no sure thing himself.

“Sometimes you take a deal even if it’s not the one the trade chart says you should make,” writes King, “because you’re going to improve your team by doing it.”

Would Lions Accept This Trade – And Move Out Of Top 15?

With the extra pick in the second round, the Lions are able to fill two big holes. They get a dynamic running back in Jonathan Taylor with their own second-rounder (No. 39 overall) and they get arguably the top guard on the board in La.-Lafayette’s Robert Hunt with Miami’s. Including Okudah, that’s a pretty good haul for Detroit.

“Most Lions’ fans will scream and say, ‘Quinn should have gotten one of the other Miami first-rounders, either at 18 or 26,’” writes King. “I’m going to ask you this, Lions fans: If I told you before the draft that you could exit the weekend with CB1 on your first pick (Okudah), RB3 (Wisconsin’s Jonathan Taylor) on the second and G1 (Louisiana’s Robert Hunt) on the third, would you be doing cartwheels about that? Acquiring the 39th overall pick while still ensuring you’d get the corner you want would likely allow that.”

Please don’t try this at home unless you’re a trained professional!

Fill Three Holes


Tough to do with appropriate social distancing…


I would call King’s scenario pretty damn good for the Lions. CB, RG, and RB taken care of. In the 3rd, go get your best DL guy and best WR guy. Might take an OT in the 4th. After that, 4 more guys in the 5th (2), 6th, and 7th, maybe a punter in there somewhere. If they fell right, I’d want Bravvion Roy DT), a decent LB prospect, and whoever. And frankly, I’d re-sign Tavon Wilson; with some new DBs this year wouldn’t they be smart to keep somebody in that room that knows their shit?

  1. starting CB (Okudah)
  2. starting RB
  3. starting RG
  4. backup OT (I ain’t too thrilled with Crosby and Decker might be gone next year)
  5. DT and LB
  6. Punter
  7. whatev

If they walk away from the draft with that, I am one happy camper.

Added: they need an edge rusher, maybe in the 3rd. Austin Bryant might be that guy, but who knows, we ain’t seen him yet.


I’d be pretty darn happy with those first 3.

And if they don’t get the trade down, I’d still be happy with Okudah at 3 and Taylor at 35.

I’ve been saying this for weeks to all those who have been arguing the Lions should get a first round pick this year or next. It ain’t happening this year. Just bad luck that the COVID-19 situation has reduced Tua’s potential trade value.

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A CB, RB and OG? Some peeps are going to HATE this. Replace Okudah with Simmons or Lamb and I’d be satisfied.

You’d be satisfied with 3 top 39 picks all going to the offense? :man_facepalming:t2:


Snags I could do this, but not sure if Hunt is the right pick at Guard. But getting CB1 and J Taylor (who I am really starting to like Zack Miss too) Taylor will be a strong presence in our backfield I believe. Zack Moss having 0 fumbles, and runs with that authority, impresses me. But Zack speed would be a concern.

Give me more of a Cushenberry, I would take this all day.


I’m trying to figure out how Jonathan Taylor is the “No. 3 RB” in the draft… This is news to me. People think he’s going to make it out of the 1st??? Crazy talk.