Lions vs. Bears Predictions

Trubisky gets his comeback and gains confidence against a weak Lions defence.

Stafford plays lights out again.

Lions make a major mistake (ex. too many men on the field, unnecessary roughness, or facemask) in the fourth with the score close.

Final: Bears, 31 Lions, 27

Lions win 27-24 keeping our bleak playoff hopes alive by a thread. We make Trubisky look better then he is but he pulls a Trubisky and turns the ball over late giving us a touchdown. Defense does enough to win. Mike Daniels plays and gets a sack.

As bad as the Bears offense is, our defense totally sucks. I can see them scoring mid 20s, but I can’t see us doing the same to their defense, which IMHO is going to be shit-hot tomorrow.

Bears 24 Lions 13


Lions 17 Bears 20

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I don’t see us winning a game until they win one. If that makes sense.

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Yeah, but, it’s in Chicago (which is nearly as darling as Green Bay), the turnover will be nullified by a bogus facemask against Flowers giving daBeers new life and just enough momentum to pull off the win.
Bears 24
Lions 23

I predict that the Lions will leave 10+ points on the field, that the uprights will play a role and that we will get at least one good Matt Nagy kicker rage moment.

If Stafford plays:
Lions 27 Bears 23

If Stafford doesn’t play:
Lions 3 Bears 38


Let’s just hope the def shows up.

This is what I predict, there will not be any stress over this game or any other game until, likely not happening, they go on an insane run and it is like week 17 and if they beat the packers they are in the playoffs…I’m just going to watch the game and enjoy the good plays. I do think they win if stafford plays. We hung 30 on a good Vikings defense. This bears defense isn’t last years bears defense. I think we sweep the series this year and it means nothing bc we don’t make the playoffs.

Think the lions score 27. Bears offense is so bad it’s hard to guess…let’s say 27-17

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Scratch the sweep of the bears…no stafford…no sweep. :man_facepalming:t2:

20-16 lions

I predict a real snoozer of a game.

30 bears 16 lions

Wrong end again.

5 - 0