Lions vs Chiefs game, need seat help

I like the way you think!

Guys, dont be so quick to write off the Chiefs game as a L yet. Chiefs are good, Mahomes is brilliant, but, they have their warts. Their defense sucks. They cant run the ball. They havent played anyone who can really test them just yet. I think the Lions might be able to give them a run for it, especially at home. The thing with the Chiefs is, they will turn every game into a track meet. You must play them like New England did. Control the game. Keep Mahomes off the field. Expose their defense.

Its hard, but its possible. I think we get Davis back for this game, and maybe even Hand. If we do, i think we have the horses to stick with the Chiefs and chase around Ma-homie

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We’ll have to see how Baltimore tries to stop that offense next week. Balt has the #4 rated overall defense but only the 17th best pass defense.

The Lions, on the other hand, are 24th in pass defense and 27th overall in yds/game. They are a bit better in Pts/game.

KC is 10th in defensive Pts/game allowed, which is surprising. They give up a lot of yards however.

As a side note, Baltimore has the #1 rated offense in the NFL. That game should be a shootout.

To beat the Chiefs, you have to be disciplined.

Most teams want to get out to a track meet. You think, “damn I gotta put up points because the Chiefs are going to get theirs”

If you think it, you are dead before you start. You cannot think about how to put up points. You have to attack the whole field, and instead try to put together drives. If you can keep their defense on the field, you keep the offense off of it. You chew clock. String everything out. 1st down from your 25yd line? Dont try to get 75 yds. Get 10. Then 10 more. Then 10 more. Do it 7 times.

If you can sustain drives and take points as they come, you limit the damage. You have to have that discipline, and if they start getting points, look out. Mahomes has bad games though, and can become a pick party. It should be a really interesting game

Personally I am just glad that the OP got tix in section 246

Having out-of-town Lions fans visit and sit in section 246 is the most effective way to stop Mahomes.

Don’t forget your green laser pen since it will probably be your only game here anyway