Lions were trying to get Devonta Freeman

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports the Lions and Falcons talked “at length” about a Devonta Freeman trade ahead of Tuesday’s deadline.

That would have been a big surprise. Didn’t happen though.

Ohhhh. Would I have been “forever in” on this trade!

This would’ve been terrible. Freeman is injury prone, not really great to begin with, and on a terrible contract.

Quinn sure knows which players to target

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There are multiple outs in his contract after this season, it would not have been a problem. I expect he was purely a half-season rental, I also expect because of that contract we wouldn’t have offered much more than a 6th or 7th. Which is probably why it didn’t get done.

ATL must have turned down our 2021 7th round pick…

i agree. thank god we didn’t acquire him .

They wanted the playing rights to Kellen Moore in a 3 way deal with Dallas. We told them no way, we’d keep those if we could get our hands on them.

I’ll go ahead and trust the Lions scouting department over keyboard scouts any day, but that’s just me.


Bro, you might be on to something here. LOL.