Lions will have IT guy stationed in Winnebago outside Bob Quinn’s house

Two things came to mind when reading this article:

That’s right. I’m Tucker McElroy, lead singer, driver of the Winnebago.

There will be some long stretches for him in the RV while he watches out for any technical difficulties, but he’ll get to go home each day and that beats the hell out of living in a van down by the river.


On a serious note, as I seen the word IT… I thought of kids so bored they hack the system as it’s so spread out now that the level of vulnerability is compromised to some degree…

Gonna be to funny if a teams comm. gets jacked!

Eddie in his RV. Outsanding.

Happy draft day, Bobby!! Shitter’s full!

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Long exhale of weed smoke

So, (cough) did you trying switching it on and off? Reboooooot dude.

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Is it the Blind guy from Sneakers?

IT Directors are pretty much useless. Half the time they don’t really know what’s going on. I thought Bob would have been smart enough to maybe get a Sys Admin, Telecom guy or Network Engineer lol


I wonder if the IT director is posted in the RV now?

Saying it’s an IT guy is just cover. Quinn reads here and he saw that Iggy14 was going to show up at his house if he didn’t like the trade down he got. Gotta be careful what you say on the internet kids.


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Is it possible for IT guy to get info and tip other teams? Don’t put nothing past GB!!! Lol

I’m floored by how little IT directors guys actually know

Unless the IT director is Asian, then he’s good…

But seriously, did they just take a stock photo of a Winnebago from 1988?

I’m an IT Manager and I couldn’t agree with this statement any more. To be fair though, there are good ones and there are the typical ones… LOL

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Dude, that’s too funny because my IT Director has Asian descent and is very good! :rofl:

Damn…Late to the party and all the jokes are gone. :disappointed_relieved:

I don’t think anyone has told an Asian driver joke yet. You have carte blanche. Or would that be Carte Jaune? My french is spotty.

I have to say, this is a false stereotype. Nationality does not exempt directors from technical ineptitude.

Or his 14 year old. LOL

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That’s correct.