Lions work out RB Jeremy Hill


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HARD pass !

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Dont worry guys, we’re just using him as a trade piece for Joe Mixon!

What’s his history? I knew he used to be a decent back, haven’t heard much of the bad stuff, please share.

From the article:

“Hill has an unsavory past that includes a guilty plea for a sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl and an assault on a fellow bar patron captured on video where Hill sucker-punched the victim from behind and rendered him unconscious.”

Ok, thanks. Sounds like an outstanding young, man…yikes.


He used to have a ton of talent when he was 19/20. Always a questionable character and I’m guessing not a real hard worker based off his career trajectory.

Btw, I think we should sign Bo Scarborough to our practice squad.


I don’t mind “leaving no stone unturned,” but this is the type of signing that Mayhew and past Lions GMs would make. There is far too much talent at the RB position to have to settle for a guy like Hill.

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A Bengal player with troubling off-field incidents. Color me shocked.


What about mark Thompson? I thought he was good a per season. We need a brusier bad.

KJ could be out a while. Lions need to pickup another RB.

I’d rather have had ZZ back but that’s no longer an option.

I really believe the Lions need a hard running power back type. Maybe Hill can fill that role. He has all the credentials. Former Patriot? check!

Didn’t he suffer an knee injury last year for NE? I wonder how well it heeled.

I wouldn’t even waste time considering him. It would be like trotting CJ Anderson back out there.