Lions would have to cut players to sign UDFAs

Most of the time, the players signed to future contracts (usually signed in late December or early January) are on their last leg, they generally get cut to bring in UDFA’s

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We were looking at this in the Wiggins thread yesterday. @deadstroke can you think of a time when we were in the single digits with open roster spots heading into the draft? I can’t, certainly in the 90-man era.

No, not that I recall

Does that mean the cap space we all seen people posting was not accurate numbers?

Because I know we haven’t sign that many players since we seen the numbers come out.

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We’re right around $29M under the cap right now

NLFPA says we are $29,625,700 without Wiggins.

I’m guessing Wiggins was like

and therefore signed for around the vet minimum.

In a normal year, NFL teams sign UDFAs right after the draft and they attend the OTAs and mini-camps and TC right up to cut day, so the Lions get a good look at them and they get valuable coaching time to show what they can and can’t do. But this year is different, maybe; it is unknown how much of the off-season training schedule will get cancelled, and that means you’re better off going with more vets who at least don’t have to adjust to the NFL. I imagine Patricia or somebody knows most of them, so they ain’t an unknown quantity that a UDFA is. IOW, this might be the year where UDFAs aren’t going to have much of a shot to impress anybody.

Well we cut 3 players today. So now we have 3 open roster spots.