Little known prospects that made it big


My number one is Bubba Baker. A second round pick that flat out got after QBs from the day he stepped onto the Silverdome carpet.

Big play Clay.
Cliff Avril


I remember James Hall being a pretty cool story, especially going to UofM. I always appreciated his effort and play.

Good topic idea BTW! I’ll try and come up with more.

PS Bring Back James Hall


Jarad De’Vries had a pretty good career as more of a journeyman.

Jeff Hartings was a second rounder that worked out rather well…


I think he had like 9 sacks one year…i think


Even better – he had 11.5 in 2004.

In 2010 (with the Rams) he posted 10.5.


Yeah, i was selling the guy short.

Cory Schlesinger kept the face mask manufacturer busy for quite awhile…


Is this Lions only or league?


Heres a couple that made a name for themselves, but not necessarily on the football field.

Pat Summerall…yes the announcer

Jack Kemp…the politician

Fred Biletnikoff…yeah, he did pretty well for himself on the field.


Kurt Warner


Dwayne Johnson


Karl Mecklenburg


John Randle.


Warren Moon


Mainly Lions, but there arent that many unless you go back a ways, so really League wide at this point.


This is a good one. :clap:


Priest Holmes. UDFA.

Tony Romo


That guy won me a couple fantasy championships!


Stephen Boyd


Yeah, I couldn’t believe the Ravens let him go. He was starting to show. Dumber than SD getting rid of Brees.


SB QB Brad Johnson was a 9th rd pick, i think.

John Unitas was a 9th round selection.

Bart Starr was a 17th rounder.