Little known prospects that made it big


Oh man, Stephen Boyd. All time favorite.


Considering they had Jamal Lewis, I think they faired aright.


Lions Hall of Fame QB and general football LEGEND Ty Detmer was a 9th round pick!

'Member that Browns game, guys?! :seven:


Deacon Jones went in the 10th round or something like that.

As for our boys, Levy had a really good career for a 3rd rounder. He was one of the best OLB in the game the year before he got hurt.


Roger Staubach 10th round, but in 1964 he was pick #129.


Ty Detmer set Lions records.

INTs in one game, but still…


I’m a bit surprised he didn’t pull a Patrick Roy there and get pissed off because he wasn’t pulled. I guess BYU sunk into him pretty hard.


It was Marty Mornhinwegs way of showing Matt Millen shoving Ty down his throat was stupid, there was no way Marty was going to pull him.


He actually threw 8 picks but one was nullified by a penalty off the ball, if I remember correctly.

Undermining Batch that year was an absolutely foolish thing to do.


Nice. You’re dating yourself. That was like what 94, 95, 96?


This is a really good one. Member of the Fearsome Foursome.

I used to love all of the named Defenses back in the day.

Fearsome Foursome.
Killer Bees.
Orange Crush.
Silver Rush.
Purple People Eaters.
Steel Curtain.


No clue TBH. But I was born in '85, so there’s that.

33 going on 65 as far as what my body feels like everyday … ugh.

But as far as history and overall enjoyment goes, I’d pick hockey over football every single time; regardless of matchup. :man_shrugging:


Someone has to.

sad trombone


“But as far as history and overall enjoyment goes, I’d pick hockey over football every single time; regardless of matchup.”

That’s how I am now, except with baseball; or college football. And I blame it all on the Lions.


Hockey is my favorite sport, but yeah, the fact that Vegas has a winning team and solid franchise upstairs is a weird feeling to have as a fan. I’m so used to dysfunction that it’s alien to me.


Priest was the backup to rookie of the year 1st round pick Jamal Lewis. Jamal was going to be 22 and Priest was going to be 28. And of course Jamal ended up rushing for 2,000 yards.

I don’t consider it to be a mistake so much as a decision they made and Priest ended up in the perfect situation to showcase his skill set under Dick Vermiel. There is nothing about the previous 4 seasons he had in Baltimore that would have suggested his KC production would have happened in Baltimore.


He had a pretty decent year in 1998 and he was better than Rhett, who they rolled with in 1999. (then they drafted Lewis in 2000, who I don’t dispute as awesome. Also bigger)

Note that in 1999 the Ravens had both Stoney Case and Scott Mitchell backing up Stoney Case, so it’s natural to question their personnel decisions. Unless they were TRYING to lose…?


CSanders88, remember when Schwartz wanted to name the Lions DL? That was my first tip off that the guy was a douche. The team plays it’s way into a name, not the other way around.


I can’t hate on Jim Schwartz too much. He pulled off the impossible. He came into Detroit and changed the culture, as well as turned an 0-16 team void of talent into a playoff team a few years later.


That was the 95-96 season, when the Wings scored 9 on Roy before he was pulled, and won 11-1. Roy was so pissed, he walked past the coach on the bench and told the owner thats the last time he plays as a Canadian. Roy gets dealt to Colorado, and proceeds to beat us in the Conference Finals

Funny thing was, in March with Roy in Colorado, the Wings beat him again 7-0. Roy gave Detroit fits, but when he had a bad game…