Loaded top of the draft

So many guys I would love to see in a Lions Jersey.I would be happy with Simmons,Okuda,Lamb,Wirfs,Becton,Young.All these guys are worth a top 5 pick in my opinion.I cant help but think all these guys are all pros in the making.Starting to think trading down isnt a given if they like a guy enough that they think the Giants might nab they might just stay put.

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Trade down w/Dolphins. Still get Young @ 5. Trade back up to get Brown. DL fixed.


There are just too many good options for the Lions at the top of this draft. Could the Lions use an Elite Edge, yes, an Elite DT, yes, an Elite CB, yes, an Elite OLB, again yes. 4 players from different positions and all of them could work for the team.


The Giants would jump all over Young


I honestly don’t think the top 10 of this draft is as strong (on defense) as it has been in recent years or even last year for that matter.

Brown isn’t all that athletic and Kinlaw might actually go higher. Borderline top 10 talents.
Simmons is athletic but is more raw and unpolished. Not worthy of top 10 in most drafts. Maybe in this one.

Okudah and Young are legit top 5 talent.

On offense however …

Lamb and Juedy are both studs. Arguably top 10 caliber.
Tua, Burrows, Herbert and a few OL are all arguably top 10.

Personally I think that offense is stronger than defense in the first round this year. Mainly because of all the QB’s, WR’s and OL that will likely go round 1.


Not gonna lie. I wouldn’t be upset if we somehow ended up w/him in a trade-down scenario. That dude is next level. Our O would be SICK.


In all honestly I think the Lions would be wise to fix the defense as best as possible via FA this year. I could see us signing two quality DT’s, a quality OG, CB and possibly Edge via FA.

If we did RB, OT and WR suddenly come into play.


I would be ecstatic if we could get that done.

And I’d agree with this too. All of a sudden, I’m saying trade down …and draft Jeudy & a top flight RB in the 2nd


Top 3 receivers are all solid, I’d love a trade down and be able to grab Okudah and Ruggs in the first.


How about trade down and get Okudah and Justin Jefferson?

I like him way better than Ruggs.


Like Jefferson also. Ruggs has unique speed. As a whole, my preference would be to draft a WR later, however, if Jeudy, Lamb or Ruggs we’re there after trading down, they would be hard to pass on. I would like to see the front office complete the offense, ideally with a trade down and using the acquired picks. Say 39 and 56, you leave the second round with Ruiz, Taylor and Mimms. If your able to get Thuney in FA, great, but make one side of the ball top 10. With a running game and another dynamic receiver I think we are there or close.

Obviously there are other ways to get there, maybe AJ Dillon or Zach Moss in the 3rd/4th/5th.

I think the Lions will go this route. Sign some healthy veteran free agents to fill the holes and fit scheme. Use the draft to get impact players at key positions and depth.

Sat down last night and watched some highlights. I think the receivers best suited for the Lions this year are: (1st) Jeudy, Lamb, Ruggs, (1st/2nd) Jefferson, Reagor (3rd) KJ Hill and Tyler Johnson. You could also put Hamler in there. Just a matter of where you want to use the pick. Jefferson falling to the second or Hill/Johnson in the third would be outstanding if we have extra picks, otherwise I’d be looking for someone to fall in the later rounds, but I think the value at WR is going to be the 2nd and the 3rd rounds. Now in the 4th, you may have the Jumpball contested catch receivers, but i dont see many of the route technicians falling.

I’ve seriously been contemplating a trade down for Jeudy or Wills (OT Alabama). Remember, Tua is left handed so Wills was his blindside guy.

I still like Okudah. Cooling a little on Derrick Brown. At least at 3. I’m all about getting a game changing player at 3. Wills will shutdown pass rushers and that can change games. And Jeudy can get open period (would like to see better hands sometimes though).

Smartest pick might be an OT.

dream: Young, Jeudy , Okudah , Simmons.

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I like this one:

1a Okudah CB
1b Gross-Matos EDGE

Get Shelton for NT in FA, Gallimore in the mid rounds as your 3t and the D line is done. Add a pass rushing JACK like Barrett or Dupree and we’re cooking.


Perfect - add a top flight RB in 2nd round

Juedy (in a trade down) and Dobbins in the 2nd. Interesting. If you can’t stop them, outscore them…lol

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Media darlings scoring 50/game. High ratings, exciting games, preferential treatment from refs?

Greatest Show on Turf?

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