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From Profootballrumors.com Interesting to note the article states he is willing to look at a short term deal.

Titans’ Logan Ryan Holding Out For $10MM/Year

March 19th, 2020 at 12:24pm CST by Zach Links

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Titans free agent defensive back Logan Ryan stands as one of the best players still on the market. With that in mind, he’s not about to leap at any offer thrown his way.

Ryan is entertaining all offers and he’s willing to consider a short-term deal, Ian Rapoport of NFL.com (on Twitter) hears from someone close to him. However, he’s unwilling to accept anything less than the ~$10MM salary he earned in 2019.

Ryan joined the Titans on a three-year, $30MM contract prior to the 2017 season. He’s been a fixture in the starting lineup ever since. Last year, Ryan finished out with 113 tackles and 4.5 sacks. With a proven track record and the ability to move around the secondary, Ryan figures to find a solid payday in the coming days.

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I would sign him. Not a fan of drafting a CB that early.


I like Logan Ryan, great player. Dependable and productive.

But I’m torn on this one.

How many more good fellow Den members do we have to lose this off-season? I’m afraid if we sign another ex-Patriot that some heads may literally explode.

Can this board handle it? That is the question for me. I have no doubts about the actual player himself.

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We have more ex Patriots (7) than Lions players (6) when Patricia took over in 18


This would be one ex Patriot I want. Think if we do get Young, and two great CBs, plus Harris and walker are going to get better. We may have a good d.

Fuck 'em.

Just kiddin’. Better to sign a player you know than a player you don’t. It ain’t really much more complicated than that. Logan would be a helluva get though.

Logan Ryan would be a great addition. I would be fully on board and it still seems likely that the Lions have the cap space to make the move.

If we did sign Logan Ryan…it would be a double edge sword for me with the probability of not drafting J.Okudah. He’s the top player on my draft board…unless Rivera takes Tua.

I’d rather play Amani than pay Logan Ryan 10M to play outside corner but that’s me.

Is there another team the league that has three seven million-dollar + cornerbacks? Cuz that’s where we’d be

If we do land Logan, then Okudah will not be the pick.

I don’t know, the Packers signing three players they didn’t know on defense seemed to work out pretty well for them last year.

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Which 3 players was that? Sometimes it works out, but I’d guess more often it doesn’t. I’d bet money somebody on the Packers knew those guys.

Preston Smith, Za’Darius Smith, and Adrian Amos.

Okay, and how do you know the Packers didn’t know these 3 players prior to their signing? Obviously they did know Amos since he played for the Bears against them. None of the Packer players were teammates with these guys before they signed? None of the coaches were on the same team with them?

Seriously, would you really recommend giving a guy a contract for millions of dollars just based on game tape? The more information you can get minimizes the risk you take when you sign somebody for big bucks. And that includes personal knowledge. I don’t know why that isn’t totally obvious.

Yes, none of those three ever played in Pettine’s defense.

I didn’t realize you were talking friendships. Jesus, I’m sure most players in the league know each other. That has nothing to do with a scheme or system.

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Every front office and coaching staff in the NFL knows every player if that’s the criterion for “knowing” a player

When you go through a season from OTAs through TC and the season, you get to know the players and coaches on your team that you work with. You might know somebody as an opponent, especially if you play against them twice every year, but you don’t really ‘know’ them. You can watch their tape and see how they play, but you don’t really know them. How professional are they? How dedicated? Do they show up for TC in great shape or not? How much do they work on their game when they ain’t in their contract year? Are they team players?

So - the time comes when your GM has to make the call to sign an FA. When you’re about hand somebody millions of dollars, you’re going to want to know if anyone can vouch for them. Who knows this guy from previous seasons, even in college. Seems to me to be foolish risk all that money on a guy that nobody really knows in the context I just described. But if you coached or played with a guy for even just a year or two, then the chances are you’ll have a better idea of his character and his professionalism.

Looking at film to see if the guy can fit into your system is of course a must. What does he do well, and what not so well? Are we going to ask him to do stuff that is brand new to him? But that’s not the same as ‘knowing’ him.

So when the Lions sign ex-Pat players, it isn’t just that those guys are already familiar with what you’re trying to do on the field. You know them already, and you can trust them more than somebody you don’t know.

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That’s pretty much it.

MP created a hostile environment on day one. He was abrasive and condescending towards his players. Players like Quin, Snacks, Diggs, Slay, and Valles have been very outspoken about it. I’m sure more will follow.

I have to wonder about A’Shawn. We know that him and MP we’re on the outs and that he got in MP’s dog house. We also know A’Shawn had a locker room meltdown too. But he refused to discuss it openly.

I have to wonder if this is why GG was not brought back and why Kennard was sent packing too.

MP is trying very hard to get control of the locker room. He’s clearly lost Respect from team leaders and some of the most vocal players.

MP can’t afford to bring in a player he doesn’t know and trust. He is forced to bring in players he knows will toe the line.


Great Post Air.

You have to earn respect. MP thinks because he coached for Billichek he can act like him. Being late for meetings and just being shitty with everyone when you have done absolutely nothing as a HC is stupid. As of right now, all these players who didn’t buy into MP are looking like they knew something that he didn’t. You can’t expect people to respect you when you don’t respect them. The alternative I guess is over spending for guys that only know the “Patriot Way”.