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Slay said he was better last yr. I know he supposedly evaluates himself after the season to try and improve as a HC. HOPEFULLY, he’s learned from the past after hearing what has been said by former players and can mend any hard feelings that may still reside in the locker room.

I’m not a fan of this regime, they lost me steadily from the beginning. Well Quinn did, I didn’t want MP from jump.

However I’d love for them to win me over, salvage Stafford’s career here and win it all. We have another poor season and Stafford is probably gone and the next rebuild cycle begins. Do we go 3-4 or 4-3 with a mix of players that for the most part don’t Excel in either, new QB, offensive scheme. I just really don’t want to go through it yet again.

I’ve seen this mentioned in a few places but it’s actually not true.

Lions players still on the team from 2018:
Stafford, Prater, Muhlbach, Decker, Marvin Jones, Golladay, Logna, Dahl, Jarred Davis, Agnew, Reeves-Maybin.

I believe we should be hearing Logan Ryan’s decision soon here. Sounds like it’s down to the lions and the titans.

That Twitter was proven to be just some 49ers fan putting out fake rumors. Take nothing it says seriously.

I’m thinking the negative spin on Patriot connections is getting waay overplayed here
GMs and coaches throughout the league will favour people and players they know and trust
Players will favour coaches they know and trust
If you read the FA signing articles from other teams signings you will sometimes see that they knew each other from some prior relationship
We’ve seen it before, we’ll see it again with the next GM and Coach
This is age old
If YOU are going to hire someone, you will favour the person you know and trust
I think this narrative should go down a notch

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And! Two teams that have ex-Patriots as coaches who probably have ex-Patriots as players made the playoffs last year. Along with the rookie HC that is an ex-Patriot, who won more games than anyone expected. He has signed ex-Patriots this year and I’m sure had ex-Patriots on his team last year.

To me, it’s no better or worse than any other formula for signing personnel to fill out a team. If it were left up to fans, as it is in fantasy football, they would just pick the names they know with some late round sleepers sprinkled in and expect to win the SB every year. Since past performance isn’t necessarily a predicter of future success, they would be shocked at how little it all works out in the real world.


Being that the Bucs have a X Patriot in their front office, you think Buc fans saying this about T Brady?

Can you imagine that. :rofl::joy::innocent:

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► Q: With the current cap for the Lions why would it be unwise to take a veteran CB like Dre Kirkpatrick or Logan Ryan before the draft? — @ShapDanny

► A: With Ryan, there’s too much of any overlap with Justin Coleman for a match to make sense. While Ryan played outside with New England a few years back, he’s transitioned into more of a slot corner the past few seasons with the Tennessee Titans.

There’s also something concerning about how often Ryan was targeted in that role. He was thrown at 114 times last season, allowing 80 receptions . Yeah, he got some hands on some balls, and picked off four, but he also missed 17 tackles, the most for any cornerback in the NFL . That’s not a good use of $10 million per season, in my opinion.

Detroit News

Lions Mailbag, Part 1: Go after Clowney? Draft Simmons No. 3? Take Okudah…

The Lions could comfortably spend another $10 million in free agency or to acquire a player via trade.


I believe if Ryan was signed here: He’d be asked to play outside. He may have transitioned to NB in Tennessee, but he’d go to a more familiar role. Having that sideline as an assistant really helps. Playing in the slot is definitely a hard position to play. The entire field is open. In the Lions/Patriots’ system, in particular, it is really difficult due to the fact that the LBs play a lot of man also and offer no assistance on pass plays.

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If we signed Ryan I’d view it as a stop gap insurance type of signing. I can’t see us making any real commitment there.

To be honest we’re probably better off going younger and suffering through the growing pains.


This is the very first thing I brought up when the the Logan Ryan to the Lions talk started …His strength and how we used by Patricia in NE was inside , the numbers now reflect that inside is really not even a strength at this point .

Why Amukamara sits unsigned as an outside corner is beyond me …Is it money ?

Amukamara 30, is still a damn good corner PFF grades his coverage at 71.5, 77.1, 70.5 over the last 3 seasons as an outside CB, a CB#2 we desperately need that rivals Slay’s grades as a #1


Breeland went back to the Chiefs for 4.5 for one year.

He is who I wanted but Prince would be a nice other option.

I’m partial to kicking the tires on Mo Claiborne too.

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I’d be okay with Claiborne. To be honest I think the free agent class will be mostly the same after the draft. I think we should just wait and then to decide what if any additional moves we should make.

There could also be a couple additional veterans that become available post draft.