Long, strong edge rushers with no bend

You know, our type. There’s a lot of them in this draft:

Jonathan Greenard
Trevis Gipson
D.J. Wonnum
James Smith-Williams
Khalid Kareem
Azur Kamara maybe (he’s got length for days but is very thin, maybe too thin to add enough strength).

At least one of those guys is gonna end up a Lion, bet your paycheck on it.


I honestly think edge is a low priority with BQ/MP. It wouldn’t shock me one but if we do not draft one.

I suspect that DT, and DB will be higher priorities.

Time machine. Trade Down. Brian Burns in round 1 instead of a TE at 8. How does that work for you…

Seems like those Alabama guys fit the mold this year.

Unless of course the best EDGE in the draft falls to us at 3. Then all of the sudden, DE becomes our biggest priority… It’s about value and the spots we are able to be in at the time. We won’t pass on Chase Young, I can promise you that. If Okudah is the best player on our board, then yes we will probably take him, hopefully after a trade down so we can add a premium pick or two. But I don’t think BQ goes into the draft thinking we’re going CB first, then DT, then DE. Doesn’t work like that IMO. I’m liking this DE / EDGE class less and less the more film I watch and understanding who won’t be fits for us. (Like Simmons, Baun, Uche). In round 1 I like Young, Chaisson and Gross-Matos. Unless we move, we will be in position to draft exactly none of those guys. After that, very slim pickings and you are looking at guys like Lewis and Anae in that next tier. Neither are what the three above are. So, I’m starting to think TD / TU. Maybe we move down to 6 w LAC grab their 2nd and some change. Then package a 2 and 3 to get back up into the first for Gross-Matos.

1a Okudah CB
1b Gross-Matos DE/JACK
2 Cushenberry RG
3 CEH/Akers/Moss RB

I could live with that draft. All 4 of those guy could have starting roles. Can’t ask for much more than that.

I am pimping for Curtis Weaver hard right now. I don’t get why people are not falling in love with him like I am.

I agree actually, that’s why I didn’t list Terrell Lewis or Gross-Matos or Epenesa or maybe Weaver… some of the other guys that fit our prototype but will have to be drafted with a more valuable pick. I think in an ideal world we find our edge guys in the mid-late rounds cause we’re looking for something most teams aren’t. It’s where the Pats found Flowers and have tried to find plenty of guys since, and where we nabbed Bryant last year. These guys should be available from the 3-6th rounds, which is the sweet spot for where I think we’ll be drafting them.

I agree with that assessment too. If we add an edge guy I think it will be round 4 or lower.
However I suspect we will go DT at least once in the first 3 rounds.

Yeah I could certainly see that, though I think there are fewer fits for us along the interior. That said, Raekwon Davis fits like a glove and it wouldn’t shock me if we took him in the 2nd.

But all of the other 2nd tier guys - Blacklock, Madubuike, Elliott, maybe Gallimore (he just went 89th in Dane Brugler’s 7-round mock, and that guy’s generally plugged-in pretty well, so maybe he’s not as high on NFL boards as he is on fan boards) - they don’t fit us as well. I like Blacklock the most but I just don’t know if he holds up well enough against the run to be an option.

DaVon Hamilton is a guy I like but only in the 3rd or later, he’s just too big of a risk as a one year starter but man, what a really good year it was (but why didn’t he start until this year?). He fits us well and we coached him in the Senior Bowl, so he could be a guy we looked at. He’s getting 2nd round buzz now though, and that’s too rich for my blood.

A guy I like later is Bravvion Roy, a real NT from Baylor. I far prefer him as a NT to Leki Fotu, who’s a much better pass-rusher but has major leverage issues. Roy doesn’t have those issues.

Yeah. I’ve now seen some mocks with Hamilton going in the top 40. I like him a lot but that’s crazy

If we were pre-Martha win or else edict, I’d agree. I see us getting a guy who would either replace Okwara as the starter at LDE, or a JACK that would push Collins over to WILL. I think you assume a Young/Chaisson/Gross-Matos/Epenesa will do that. Then you start to get a little iffy. Would a Weaver/Anea/Lewis/Okwara? (boy that could be awkward…) Less sure and our pass rush needs some serious juice and we did not get it really in FA other than Collins who will help in that regard.

I’m starting to get pretty heavy on a TD/TU scenario eyeing that 1B in the middle of the first to go get Chaisson or Gross-Matos. I know it would cost us a couple very nice players in the first 3 rounds to do it. But I see the gulf between what I think Chaisson could be for us coming off the edge and what Weaver would be (who I do like) it’s starting to be worth it for me.

I’m not averse to something like that - in fact trading back up into the top half of the 1st after a trade-down is my favorite option for us - it’s just I really don’t believe Quinn or Patricia would do it for an edge. I think they’d do it for Brown or Kinlaw or one of the top 4 tackles or maybe Henderson if we don’t draft Okudah. Personally I’d add in CeeDee and Jeudy too but I don’t think Quinn and Patricia will do that either.

YGM’s floor scares me but there’s no denying he’d be a fit for us, however I’m not sure how high we’ll be on Chaisson. He’s got the length we like but I worry he lacks the functional strength we require from our edge guys. He makes up for it with athleticism, but that’s not something we typically value as highly, a la Harold Landry and Burns.

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FYI the Lions met with Alex Highsmith.

Here’s a write up from Logan Lamorandier who thinks he’s the perfect fit for the Lions.

Burns was my guy last year. I get to see him play for my hometown Panthers now. FML.

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Chaisson played with the big boys. Alabama, UGA, Auburn. Those programs alone are going to put 2-3 first round OT’s (Wills/Thomas/Wilson) in the league and another 2 at least Wanago (2nd), Driscoll (3-5). He made some of them look like straight fools. Putting him at JACK where he could shade the RT in a 2 point stance all day… He’s a little raw, but he has traits for days. At 6’3 254 he’s two pounds lighter and the same height as Kennard was. But a boatload more juice.