Look at the upcoming schedule

@Jags (just plain horrible)
@Falcons (horrible defense)
Colts (D is great, but Rivers and O is playing awful)
@Vikings (Cook dinged up, Cousins stinks, D is awful)
Washington (all around awful)
@Panthers (bad team, even if CMC is back; D is atrocious)
Texans (team is a shambles)
Bears (shoulda easily beat them weeks ago; QB situation is awful)
Packers (at least it’s at home)
@Titans (team is a shambles because of COVID; Tannehill has regressed)
Bucs (overrated?)
Vikings (Cousins stinks, D is awful)

That is not a murderer’s row. It’s the only reason I can think of that Patricia didn’t get fired over the bye week. At best, there’s only 2 games where the Lions are a serious underdog (Packers and Bucs; maybe Titans if they rebound).
If he can’t put together a serious string of wins against this schedule and be in playoff contention by Thanksgiving, he’s gone for sure.

Except all those teams are seeing:
Lions (D is horrible, Stafford has regressed)

and thinking they should finally get a W


Absolutely true. But I can’t see any other reason why Patricia hasn’t been fired yet. They have to think there’s some sort of chance to right the ship.

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What are you talking about with the Titans?


@Jags (just plain horrible) But we’re worse
@Falcons (horrible defense) More talented than the Lions but… Whoever leads the game by two TD’s loses first
Colts (D is great, but Rivers and O is playing awful) we don’t stand a chance
@Vikings (Cook dinged up, Cousins stinks, D is awful) still playing better than we are
Washington (all around awful) we may have a chance if they shoot themselves in the foot
@Panthers (bad team, even if CMC is back; D is atrocious)way way better than us
Texans (team is a shambles) Better than us even without a HC
Bears (shoulda easily beat them weeks ago; QB situation is awful) I think we got lucky to keep it close the last time
Packers (at least it’s at home) Rogers will embarrass us again
@Titans (team is a shambles because of COVID; Tannehill has regressed) what? They look like a contender
Bucs (overrated?) Brady has a lot of talent and a good defense
Vikings (Cousins stinks, D is awful) They could sweep us


Truth is we are one dropped pass on a gigantic choke job by Swift from being 2-2 and can possibly run off a good number wins yet.

Time will tell


I’m being a little jaded … lol

On a serious note. I wish I had your optimism.

The truth is that the Jags should be an easy win. They just lost 3 game in a row to teams who had zero wins. They’ve had one of the easiest schedules and still suck. If we can’t beat them than I highly doubt we can beat anyone else on that list.

I’m not sold on the Titans.
Yeah, they’re 4-0, but they’ve played Jacksonville, Denver and Minnesota among those four. Buffalo was their one quality win.
I believe in their 4-0 record about as much as Chicago’s 4-1 mark.
I also think the NFL is going to come down on them BIG TIME for all the COVID shenanigans.
Hey, I could totally be wrong. Even then, it’s one game, and it’s after Thanksgiving, so Patricia could already be gone by then.

I have friends/customers in Chicago that I’ve told (and they’ve agreed) “that’s the worst 4-1 team I’ve seen ever seen”. Titans pass the eye test much easier than Chicago.

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The Buffalo win is a very nice win though.
Chicago sucks. It will be interesting to see if we suck worse. Damn it, Prater!

I expect the Lions to beat the Jags and Football team. They will maybe fluke into one other win. 4-12 at best.

You’re not sold on the Titans? They made it to the AFC title game last year and are 4-0 this year. They are probably going to be the #1 seed in the AFC. They beat New England and Baltimore on the road in the playoffs last year… what more validation do we need?

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The Titans are all around better than the Lions.
Better defense,
better run game,
better head coach
better QB.

What don’t you like about that team?


Good team for us to come back to

This was my thought. Looking at the schedule before the season started, I was pretty confident we’d be 2-2 going into the bye. We are a dropped pass away from that being a reality. We assumed we’d lose to the Packers and Saints. Unfortunately we had such nice leads in both games.

I am far less confident in this team right now than I was before the season started. But I may feel different had Swift caught that pass

Tanihill better then Stafford, you should get off that crack.

All of your arguments since I have been on this board is to call people names. You have nothing to go on other than to try to insult someone who has an opinion different than yours. Says something about your mental makeup.

Last season Tannehill led the league in QB rating, 117.5, better than R. Wilson, P. Mahomes, A. Rodgers, all the guys that most normal people consider top of the food chain at the position. He has a 110.8 rating. The guy has been playing as well as anyone in the NFL the last 2 years. But facts have never mattered to you…just blind allegiance no matter what and if anyone disagrees with your opinion, you simply call them names or insult them.

What you mean is only your facts, anybody else’s is excuses you say. Didn’t call u anything just think what you said reminds me of a crack head. Have you ever posted with out taking a shot at Stafford you and barry sanders take every topic and find away to bash Stafford you lie witch I have pointed out before.

Don’t take the cheese, Mouse.


Sorry, but these are facts that exist for everyone. So you are saying that Tannehill didn’t lead the league in QB rating last year? That is just my fact? You are saying that Tannehill doesn’t have a 110.8 rating this year? I guess his 84.1QBR and Stafford’s 59.0 QBR aren’t real? At least have some kind of decent argument other than whining because I used facts to show who was having a better year.
Apparently, crack heads use facts to back arguments now as opposed to calling people names because you can’t make any sort of cogent argument.
I am also not quite sure why you constantly follow me around and respond to nearly every post I make by insulting me or calling me a name just because I don’t believe Stafford is an elite QB.

I try to use facts to back up what I say
Your argument= if you don’t share my opinion, you are a crack head.