Looks like no lions games in person for a while

Even though they sucker me into it every year I still enjoy attending the games. Have a good tailgate, some beer, and some grill food and you’re set up for a hell of a time. The cherry on top is the victory if you’re lucky enough to witness one LOL. I could probably use a break :joy:


makes no sense because there are plans in place for the Bay City Fireworks is expected to have 300,000 in attendance this July, probably be more due to the fact people have had to stay relatively close to home for months, so I expect more than usual going this year.

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Meh, look at this way she could be doing us all a favor. :rofl:

I would rather watch the games at home anyway. The beer is cheaper and no lines to take a piss.



Need to finish studying and taking my boards so I can get down to Florida.


Paul McCartney’s still not dead, in case anyone was unsure.



This isn’t news. It’s almost a certainty that there won’t be fans this fall at any sporting event. I’d also bet that college sports won’t happen either because I don’t see campuses opening anytime soon.

Cheers to you Lord Gretchen


My question is, if Michigan is still in lock down when football season starts. does Uofm and MSU and the rest of Michigan colleges get to play football?

I thought fireworks were canceled state wide.

we’re getting a bit dramatic now
things have started going again
the road is going to get tough no matter what governments do

not sure how a tanking economy is good politics for anyone
and control?
yeah right – that’s a recipe for revolt – no politician wants that either
lets be rational

The reasoning behind the stay at home order was so that we didn’t overwhelm the hospitals. The claim was we had a shortage of beds and respirators. No one believed we would stop the spread of this thing. The goal was to slow the spread. That’s what was sold to us early on.

I have 3 immediate family members working in hospitals and two close friends.

All 5 work in 5 different hospitals outside the
Metropolitan area. Before the Covid 19 scare all 5 hospitals were running at over 100% capacity. Meaning people were in waiting areas waiting to get a hospital bed.

Now all 5 hospitals have laid off employees. Two of those hospitals are running at near 70% capacity while the other 3 are running slightly above 75% capacity.

Meanwhile people are scared to go to the hospital for clear medical needs because of the Covid 19 scare. Not enough data is in but one relative of mine who works in administrative believes based in morgue numbers that deaths tolls are up for non Covid 19 illnesses. He believes this is due to people not seeking the medical help they need. Basically we’re not saving lives were costing lives.

Meanwhile studies out of NY are showing that over 35% of the people living in NY have the Covid 19 antibobies. Which means the death toll in NY is less than 0.06%. Which puts the death toll of Covid 19 in the category of the flu.

These are the facts.

Science doesn’t support what our governor is doing. So if she is not basing her decisions on science like she claims. It’s obvious she is not. Just look at how wishy washy her orders are. They make no sense. She refuses to show what science she’s using. So please tell me what is her motive and what is she basing her decisions on?

By the way. I just lost my Aunt today to Covid 19. She lived in a nursing home and was 87 years old. The nursing home is following the guidelines set forth by the governors office. It still couldn’t stop her from getting it. She had a fever two days ago, took the test and the results weren’t back yet. She passed away early this morning. The nursing home notified us later today that it was Covid 19.

I just don’t believe that the stay at home order is saving lives.


Very well put, and I’m sorry to hear about your aunt.

Layoffs at Hurley, Genesys, Beaumont and now even U of M due to the reduced number of patients. And I hope your “were at 100% capacity” part isn’t overlooked as hyperbole, because it isn’t. November through January would see ful ERs with multi-hour waits. Now, crickets.

The early decisions by the gov were clearly politically motivated as she would do things that opposed the direction coming from the pres. The most glaring decision being her heavy-handed threat to Michigan doctors that if they were to use meds for unintended purposes (treating Covid), they would be punished. She clearly has struggled to prioritize between being governor and being campaign co-chair.


Sorry for your loss. Ugh.


What on this chart says Whitmer is following “the data”

We have fewer cases than before we went on lockdown

The fact that we are still on lockdown shows that this is no longer about a virus

The chart is at the bottom of this website below in case anybody wants to see the real numbers put out by the state of Michigan. She’s ignoring the numbers and talking hyperbole to the media


Sorry for your loss Air
I get what you’re saying and I’m not surprised
I haven’t got time to really think about what the right policy mix would be but I don’t think it matters much
They’re going to open up things and people will make personal decisions
Economic activity is going to drop and a big L is coming
There will be some upward bounce in Q3 but we will settle into a much smaller economy until this thing is cleared
In the meantime there’s going to be a lot of bad news

Jaded, the chart doesn’t prove anything
Is she being overly cautious?
At this point you’re squabbling over a couple weeks +/-