Lot of you guys had some sharp criticism


I mean, I liked Reiff too, even though he was a Backus clone. But it made good sense to go much cheaper and potentially better with Decker.


Yeah, but, we traded up for Wagner, who cost the same as Rieff. (2 ffs)
Wagner < Rieff


I thought Wagner was a FA… and in 2017.

The Reiff/Decker decision was 2016.

I’m not a huge fan of Wagner, but only because he got hurt.

Wagner hit for 3.5% of the cap for 2017 and 2018.

Reiff was 5% and 6% in the same period.

Wagner was cheaper.

I think Wagner is gone next year for some cap savings.


Wagner isn’t bad enough to eat 8.3 in dead money and have to pay his replacement.


Post June 1 and spread it out. vs $12M for another year and same decision in 2020.

He has played every snap, though.

My main point was that he’s cheaper than Reiff over the life of the contract except 2019 when Reiff is about $200K cheaper.


I don’t think he’s been bad overall and I definitely don’t think he justifies cutting especially when you have to spread it out over 2 seasons to make it palatable.

He’s one of the safest players on the roster.


According to PFF Reiff and Wagner have virtually the same grade. And both grade higher than Decker


I’ve started calling him Teeter.