Louis Riddick: ‘The people around Matthew Stafford have failed Detroit’


1000% yes


Great QB’s play GM. Stafford is a go along to get along guy off the field. Happy to stick around and cash the paychecks. He could have forced big changes by threatening to leave and he just plays the good employee.

He’s failed the org as much as the org has failed him. He’s not a leader or a winner. He’s just a guy who’s good at playing QB and happy just to do that.

The problem I have always had is those in leadership roles, I feel they were unqualified for the positions they held…I feel they could land good WR’s but outside of that? could do little more.

I don’t blame Stafford for that group of people that could hit on a RB once in a millennia , I don’t blame Stafford because that same group could not maintain a top 15 defense. I don’t blame Stafford for getting injured behind our o-lines, whose job is to Pass Protect…I blame those who built those lines. I don’t blame Stafford because our leaders didn’t have solid schemes and gameplanning or that they couldn’t operate those correctly. I don’t blame Stafford for te team needing to have 20+ head coaches…10 different DC’s , GM’s, OC’s. The leadership was made up of clowns mostly and The Lions never have known any consistency.

I blame Stafford for QB mistakes: placing the ball into nowhere, INT’s , holding onto the ball too long to get sacked , throwing too flat so the ball can be tipped, deflected , over throwing his targets, putting no ‘touch’ on the football. but Matt is a delivery man , once the ball leaves his hands the responsibility to make plays is on his targets IE…other players. Stafford does mess up all QB’s do at some point. Matt is a damn good QB and that has been proven …I save ELITE talk for QB’s that win bowls. Stafford is a step down from Elite .

I blame and always have blamed Owners and Leadership the owners installed to operate this team as The Lions’ biggest fault. But I don’t run around blaming the teams’ best player in Matt Stafford. I give Matt hell when he screws up, and give him credit and praise when he has earned it.


Great QB’s play great …Great GM’s get the ingredients …Great Coaches take the great ingredients and win Super Bowls …

Everybody do your share .

Let’s fault Stafford for not being a whiny bitch…


How do you know that Stafford is just happy to collect a paycheck? Have you personally talked to him or his teammates? I’m not arguing the win/loss record, but saying things like this seems like baseless facts.

Also, what does causing issues and threatening to leave solve anything? I don’t think the GM or ownership will change what they do except replace Stafford because of a bad attitude


It’s that IQ above 25 thing that haters can’t get past … :crazy_face:


You’re trying too hard

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Not seems baseless, is baseless
Anything can be spun any way
At some point it mutates to silly

I was trying to be partial lol

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I think someone who has defended against him for 7 years in practice and will have to defend against him in the future has some good insight.


Yup - Matt’s a stud. I can see 2 sides of most coins. With Matt, it literally feels like we are all watching 2 different movies with different characters. The range of opinions on Stafford seems crazy to me.


That’s Riddick’s opinion! I still believe 2014 was one of our best teams. That team had superior talent. Stafford failed to delivery. That’s just my opinion. This year he has the opportunity to change the narrative. I hope he does.

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What do you base that on? Why is this the year?

He plays the good company man. Never critical or making demands to get better. Speaks the good cliche soundbytes supporting the coaching staffs and organization. Given how sadsack the Lions have been that shows you exactly who he is. He’s another Calvin Johnson - cut the check. He’s happy to waste his whole career here as long as he’s made the highest paid QB whenever his contract is up.

Lions have shitshow ownership, shitshow front office and a bozo for a coach and Stafford re-signs here and plays the good serf.


Thanks Mr Riddick.

Look at Stafford’s playoff performance. Played great against Brees in NO.

Went toe to toe in Dallas against Romo. Mr Hitchens and his zebra friends stole that game from us.

In Seattle with a bum finger we lost to the Hawks. Not many teams go there and win in the playoffs.

Now, with that said, Stafford does need to elevate those around him to a higher level.

All in all though I agree with Riddick. Give Staff a decent run game and he’ll be just fine.

You can DEFINITELY win a Super Bowl with #9 at the helm.


Funny… I remember Riddick praising Mayhew for what a great job he did after he was fired.



You ever played football Owen? Maybe you have. It’s a rough sport. Look at Calvin Johnson finger above. That’s just one injury. This dude balled out for the Lions for years and played as hard as anyone I’ve seen in a Lions uniform. He looked for contact. He made the big plays. He never missed practice.

What about Stafford? This guy had every reason to hang it up last year after his wife and mother of his kids had a tumor removed from her skull.

Think about that for a minute…

He had every reason to walk away. He has more money than he can spend in a life time. But he didn’t…and not only that…he didn’t miss anytime away from the team.

Stafford displayed his love of the game and the love of his teammates. So did Calvin Johnson.

Nothing they ever did or said matches what your opinion is of them.

Oh…and I played football for 10 years…and this is what I earned for it. Some nice Titanium screws to hold my neck together.


He hasn’t won. If he was to leave Detroit without winning; honestly, I wouldn’t even think about the guy. IMO he isn’t in the category of a Barry or CJ.

I believe this year he has to win because I believe this will be his last season in Detroit.

Well, it wasn’t last year!
Or the year before …