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Thousands of stories just like this from all over the country. No political parties, no race, no gender, no skin color, no national origin, no old, no young…just AMERICANS showing their love and appreciation for their fellow man! There’s a lot to learn from this difficult time.


Proud of my home state for donating 140 ventilators to New York. Also grateful that the Chinese are sending over 1,000.


Good point, Curious… big biz, small biz, and not to be left out, some state and even local govt, too.

No agenda…other than to help

So been kinda busy supporting my wife. She runs a medical facility here in Grand Rapids and been putting in 70 hour weeks last two weeks as they make emergency preparations. Preparing for the worst but hoping for the best. The 3 counties around Detroit are now the 2nd hardest hit behind NYC/NJ. We are 3 hours away and our cases have been steady but not at all overwhelming like Detroit area. Still the front line workers are scared but go to battle every day. True heroes


Thoughts and prayers with you and your wife.

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And for all healthcare workers on the front lines everywhere

Yes, my heart goes out to all of our countries healthcare workers, truly on the front lines of this battle, and like much, we take them for granted. Not any more.

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Let’s see if any of the 1000 work…


Yeah, we have two sisters of my son in law are nurses in a floor where COVID patientsvare in Kalamazoo and one spiked a fever a few days ago and are awaiting a test.

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Well hopefully the 140 our Governor sent actually work. If they were from my hometown they were probably made of hemp, Subaru engines and patchouli oil and were designed by the best mechanical engineering drum circle around.


Ann Arbor, San Jose, Redmond, Burlington, Evanston or Omaha…to guess

How liberal is Ann Arbor? How does it for instance compare to say Madison in that regard?

Eugene is a lot like Boulder without the same
degree of affluence. I’ve also hear it compared to Madison. Though I’ve never been to Wisconsin so I can’t confirm that.

Ann Arbor Is a liberal bastion on par with Madison Wisconsin. I love the sports teams at the University of Michigan but it is run by extreme liberals

The rest of Michigan call Ann Arbor " The People’s Republic of A Squared"…


During the Vietnam war the University of Michigan was one of the main hotbeds of antiwar activity

Great to hear story like this.

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