Magic Beans or Win Now; Building a Quinn Winner in 2019


Sorry, not buying that excuse.

Even if you want to claim Caldwell was forced on him, which players were “Caldwell guys” that don’t fit in the new scheme? Can you name them?

He’s spent almost all of his draft and FA capital churning through the OL, with mixed results. None of the OL he brought in were “Caldwell guys” who won’t fit in the new scheme we’re running. WE’RE RUNNING THE SAME DAMN SCHEME. Who decided we were doing that? Oh right, Bob Quinn. So on offense, we’ve had continuity, and that excuse doesn’t hold water.

What’s the excuse for the state of the defensive front after three offseasons? For the quality of our LB corps? For our starting corners?

That’s ALL on Bob Quinn. The defensive roster you see on this team is the one he’s built over the last three years. It’s not remotely competitive, and there has been zero urgency to make it competitive.

Sorry, after three offseasons, you don’t get those excuses. Bob Quinn owns this roster. This is the team he spent three years building.


Rem I agree that BQ should shoulder some of the blame but you have to look at it in the context of who is here now…Patricia - and his scheme is very different.

I will address the OL first. When we grabbed Wagner and Lang they were two highly rated FA who excelled at pass pro. When we switched to MP he wanted a focus on running the ball…and guess who no longer fits what we want? Lang and Wagner! BQ gave Caldwell what he wanted so not all the blame is BQ’s.

As far as the defensive churn…forgive me if I missed something, doing this quickly at work. 2017 Lions who are gone;

Like it or not that’s a huge turnover…albeit mostly depth…but our starting online outside of 94 are all brand new (75% turnover). Name me one GM that could churn that in one season and be a legit contender?

Not trying to argue but its a tough job to put a competitive team out there with this much turnover on ONE side of the ball. Personally I think we should have let Caldwell go a year to late but I understood giving him a second year to see what we had in him. JMO


If 90+ million over the last 2 years is not enough to bring some real talent to this team then we are in a real world of hurt.

Hell, we are again going to be entering this coming off season with close to 40 mil. Will 120 mil over 3 years be enough to hold Quinn accountable?


You don’t have to churn 75% of a side of the ball if you draft good players.

The Rams and Eagles went through scheme changes and both of their defenses were light years better than ours the first year into said scheme change


Yeah, no, sorry.

These are the same arguments people trotted out throughout the Millen years. Pro GMs don’t get judged on whether the moves they made seemed reasonable at the time. They get judged on results. And the results after 3 years of Quinn controlling the entire team and coaching staff and budget are poor. This was not an expansion team. This was a team that had been to the playoffs before Quinn got here, that had a QB, that had several other pieces in place.

Go ahead and make excuses, give the guy a decade to keep trying and see if he can figure this whole building-a-competitive-team thing out. I’m sure that’s the Fords’ plan. But I’m not buying. Nobody said this was an easy job, but every year teams around the league figure out how to get better a whole lot faster.


No disagreement here man…but the reality is WE have. I cant add anymore context then that.

Did either the Rams or Eagles change from a 4-3 to a 3-4?


has something more to it. you can go all the way back to 1989 if you want and this franchise hasn’t done sh!7 …ever. other teams “figure it out” reach bowls, reach playoffs, but Detroit just CAN NOT. Rugby pointed out the switch from 4-3 to 3-4 , but shouldn’t take us that much time to adjust. I never see fire and desire, confidence, or drive & passion here. you watch New England, watch Green Bay, watch Minnesota now…they have swag, confidence and some nice star players… can we call one player a stud, beast, star???

we come out and play timid, I do not see the killer instinct here, I don’t see the team giving their best , trying their hardest…when they do, we win convincingly and beat teams we , generally don’t or struggled with in the past…but then we do the turtle thing as a team and go back into our shell, lose games, look unprepared…nothing seems to work, and we play sloppy.

there s no consistency here. you want to spend 130 million building a team, get some freaking BEASTS on both lines ! nobody shines here. Stafford was playing so well in 2017 the media had him ranked #3 ….played like that. now the whole team seems different, like unenthused or something…I don’t get it.